COVID Vaccine Kills Hank Aaron

BREAKING: Hank Aaron Took COVID Vaccine Right Before He Dropped Dead – Montana Daily Gazette

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31 Responses to COVID Vaccine Kills Hank Aaron

  1. John Sturges says:

    The science would generally lean towards ‘unfortunate correlation’. Thus far no vaccine has been implicated in actual COVID infection. However, he may have become infected by someone also getting the vaccine the same day or even just prior. COVID protection on vaccination is not immediate and one could get infected before antibodies built to a level to provide protection. He should have been given the Regeneron cocktail once ill. Does not sound like any early medical treatment occurred.
    Still much to know about COVID and too soon for reporter to jump/imply this conclusion.


    Will we ever find out how many people die after getting the vaccine? As the elderly and frail are first in line the statistics will not be good, but it would be good to know.

    • Rory Forbes says:

      It is counter to everything I know about best medical practice. If you’re developing a new medication, you certainly don’t begin your testing on the most vulnerable population who is most likely to have numerous possible reactions, side affects and co morbidities. What can your results tell you, apart from the fact that your subjects are vulnerable?

      • Gerkenstein says:

        Thousands are dying every day from the disease… So if it works, a few deaths from the vaccine isn’t much.

        In any case, shutting down our economy to save a bunch of old people (I’m getting there) is suicidal.

      • Gerkmonster says:

        This is kind of a special case since the disease mostly kills older people.

        • Rory Forbes says:

          Being an “old person” myself, I’m rather suspicious of vaccines that aren’t actually vaccines. I’m leaning heavily toward the belief that mostly “killing off old people” was no accident, considering the source of the disease. We old people are existing on, almost exclusively on thee cost side of the ledger and that is one of the biggest concerns of developing countries.

    • arn says:

      Now- that’s the devilish underhanded trick.

      To get a real and significant increase of dead people they need a vaccine.
      The number of vaccine victims will the be blamed on covid.
      =here are your leathal covid numbers.

      Infect a system on purpose
      to controle the host.
      Be it a vaccine,virus or ideology-
      if you controle 95%+ of information flow,the MSM,the servers,the app traffic,social media
      you can create whatever reality you want to.

  3. WCK says:

    This is an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine, never before used in human history, it was designed and manufactured in a lab, from an incomplete map of the virus’ genome. There is NO genetic blueprint of the entire virus to date, therefore there is NO guarantee that what the PCR test detected is the ACTUAL cause of covid-19 and thusly NO guarantee that it is giving immunity to covid-19. I grew up in a time where a virus was grown in a host animal or eggs, then killed and given in shots/doses. Imagine the immune system targeting a virus because it has a “post office wanted poster” with picture, personal and physical details, and tattoos/defects. Or being trained to target people with brown hair and a big nose with the letter e in their name, that is a comparison between this experimental “vaccine” and a killed virus vaccine. You are being used and lied to.

    • Scissor says:

      Perhaps around 180 deaths in the U.S. so far from the experimental “vaccines.”

    • Adam says:

      That is completely incorrect. This technology has been in use for over a decade. It may be a novel approach to antibody creation, but it is NOT experimental. And ALL vaccines are created in a lab.

      The full genetic structure of the SARS CoV-2 virus was published 12Mar2020.

      The mRNA innoculant (I call It this because it is not a traditional type vaccine) harnesses the machinery of your cell to produce a portion of the spike protein. This portion of the spike protein is then presented on the outside of the cell where the human immune system identifies it as an invader and creates antibodies to neutralize anything having that spike protein makeup.

      My concern isn’t that it will not provide protection against Covid. It will. My concern is that both the Pfizer and Moderna innoculants have been shown to produce a not insignificant binding antibody response (as opposed to a neutralizing antibody response) in certain people. If there is a large enough concentration of binding antibodies, then a person who gets infected could have a much harder time clearing the virus compared to someone not having been inoculated.

      I would much prefer being given a traditional weakened/dead virus vaccine as that is the way nature created our bodies to deal with viruses. The problem is that creation of a global amount of such a vaccine takes a lot longer. However, if one can travel to India, that is exactly what they are doing. Alternatively, the AstraZeneca and JnJ vaccines use a modified adenovirus (from monkeys … but not harmful to humans) which follows a more traditional approach to creating antibodies.

      Hope this helps.

      • Scissor says:

        Adam, even the NIH calls the Moderna vaccine “experimental.”

        The Moderna and Pfizer products are approved under emergency declarations having been deemed to produce benefits that outweigh risks. However, there are many open questions. It could turn out that for some, they would be better off not taking the vaccine. There probably are patterns to the side effects, including the deaths, that need to be investigated.

        It’s not known whether antibody dependent enhancement is going to turn out to be an issue. Given all that is unknown, the term “experimental” seems appropriate. Even you admit that it is a novel approach for producing antibodies.

  4. raincoast says:

    Thanks Tony for posting this, we would never have known.

  5. Clyde says:

    He obtained the first vaccine dose on 05 Jan 2021. Two weeks later, on 19 Jan 2021 he received the second dose. He was dead on 22 Jan 2021.

    He was healthy (albeit a bit overweight and with osteoarthritis in his right knee) prior to taking the vaccine.

  6. arn says:

    Every old person that dies ,dies always from Covid and never from an age related diseases.

    Every old person that dies from a covid vaccin,dies from age related disease.

  7. richard says:

    Previous testing of covid vaccines, years back, killed the animals it was tested on. Buyer beware.

  8. Mike says:

    It’s not a traditional vaccine – it is more of a gene therapeutic. It doesn’t impart immunity as most are led to believe. That’s why we are told to keep wearing the stupid and keep physically distancing ourselves from others.

    According to Pfzier, it lessens the severity of the disease, and it’a unknown if the recipient of the mRNA shot can still pass on the virus. This therapeutic, which is primarily a symptom reducer, is less likely to contribute to herd immunity as quickly as natural infection or through traditional vaccines.

    Moreover, now that the WHO has declared the PCR test as a false positive generator (on the same day that Biden took his oath of office) it would appear that the infection rate is much lower – much lower. I would also imagine that the high death count – with or from COVID – was imaginary, too. In fact, one should expect the infection rate to go down exponentially at the same time we are told it is a result of the mRNA shot.

    Once again, the world is saved from Trump – well, maybe after the impeachment trial.

    • Adam says:

      Disagree. This innoculant DOES provide protection against Covid TO THE PERSON RECEIVING IT. The reason given for wearing masks (which provide no real protection against infection) is to protect others who have not been inoculated.

      Any vaccine, even the flu vaccine, does not prevent infection. It simply prepares your body to defend itself if you get infected. These innoculants do the same thing, antibody creation, although by a different approach. If you receive a flu vaccine, and get infected, you can still pass the flu to someone else. This is the nature of viral infection. NO vaccine prevents one from being infected or passing it on to someone else.

      I suppose any Covid test can produce a false positive (or negative). The PRC test is MUCH more accurate compared to the rapid test, though. As for stats, it is well known that the death stats are in error. People that died by other means (i.e. car wrecks, drowning, etc.) bit who tested positive for Covid were sometimes listed as having died from Covid. TOTALLY irresponsible to do this. And, early on, a researcher at Stanford tested Santa Clara County to determine the difference betwween the number of people who had been tested, and tested positive, versus the number who had been infected overall (infected but asymptomatic, infected but not serious enough for hospitalization, etc.). That research found that the level of infection could easily be 10x what was being reported by the CDC. That means we could be MUCH further down the road to herd immunity than official stats report.

      Trump got a few things right, but not because he understood the underlying science behind it.

  9. czechlist says:

    Causation/correlation/speculation/conspiracy. Aaron was 86 years old with heart disease; Not in particularly good health. Initial reports of massive stroke. Sometimes people just die.

  10. Justa Joe says:

    Hammering Hank didn’t know he was volunteering for Tuskegee experiment the remix.

  11. Gerald Machnee says:

    Why was Aaron given the second shot 2 weeks after the first when it has been specified that it is 3 weeks for Pfizer and 4 weeks for Moderna?

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