Science For Democrats

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  1. oldefarte says:

    AND we are now “3 for 3”. Every “YouTube” video you’ve attempted to link to in your last mailing has been blocked with an “error, try again” (as if) message. I doubt this is an error, as claimed. Looks like you are banned. You cannot use “YouTube” as an intermediary. They’ve shut you down. Tell us what you need to fix this.

  2. oldefarte says:

    So, I did finally manage to access this video (but NOT through your site – had to dig elsewhere to get around “YouTube’s” shadow bans) and it is hilarious. I particularly liked the “real photograph of how the world used to be” which concluded the video. Sheer genius. It makes you realize what we have lost…

  3. Michael Moore says:


  4. rah says:

    A real quick search using the words “history of New York Hurricanes” yielded many hits including this:

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