First They Came For The Conservatives

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  1. Clyde says:

    Absolutely true, every bit of what you said.

    Those who can be lead to believe in absurdities, can be lead to commit atrocities. Now you know why we’ve seen so many absurdities from the Democrats (men can menstruate, men can use women’s restrooms, men can play women’s sports, men can have babies, gender is a social construct, etc., etc., etc.).

    Tyrants use those who are easily manipulated into committing atrocities in order to gain power. Once they’ve gained power, those very same useful idiots are not only no longer useful to the tyrants, they are a threat to the tyrant’s dominance, and must be disposed of.

    Liberalism / socialism / communism / marxism / nazism are all malignant offshoots growing from the same deadly tree known as collectivism. In the past century alone, these deadly offshoots of collectivism have killed more than 120 million people.

    Every single brand of collectivism is predicated upon exploiting an accumulated resource abundance which the tyrants use as bait to attract the lazy who don’t want to work for their own bread. This is why we saw Obama saying we should distribute the wealth and that after a certain point, you’ve made enough money; why we saw Maxine Waters threaten to take over businesses; why we see the rise of the ‘eat the rich’ narrative… the tyrants have groomed a generation who feel entitled to that wealth without inculcating in them the drive to go and work for it. They have engendered a feeling of jealousy against those who do go and work for it. They have belittled hard work and living within one’s means, giving out government loans for education that only served to further brainwash and indebt our youngest generation, while promising to forgive that debt by making ‘the rich’ pay for it (‘the rich’ being everyone, even people who couldn’t afford to go to college… think about how twisted the thought processes of the youngest generation are… these selfish little prigs demand that people who couldn’t afford to pay for their own college education pay off the college debt of others).

    Those aforementioned accumulated resources can be anything… oil, timber, accumulated capital, rare minerals, etc. In modern times, it’s typically accumulated capital, as we saw in the case of Sweden (which went socialist and squandered its standing as one of the richest and most prosperous nations on the planet before they managed to turn it around and go back to largely market-based capitalistic measures).

    Once those resource are depleted, however, the tyrants always turn to exploiting the one resource which is never depleted… people.

    Because people don’t generally like being exploited to enrich and empower collectivist hypocrites who live high on the hog while the people live in squalor, the tyrants typically are forced to continue their exploitation via force.

    That use of force begets an equal and opposite reaction from the people, and the tyrants are typically led to culling anyone who resists them.

    If our educational system were worth a plug nickel, kids would be taught this, but they’re either not taught anything (in the early stages of a tyrannical takeover, as the tyrants bide their time and mind their Ps and Qs as they wait for a large enough populace of uneducated and gullible people to be produced) or are taught that collectivism is a good thing (as takes place today, in the latter stages of the tyrannical takeover).

    Tyrants never step down willingly. A country can be tricked into voting their way into collectivism, but they almost always have to shoot their way out of it.

    Given that America has no accumulated capital abundance (and in fact, we’re the greatest debtor nation), given that our other abundant resource (fossil fuels) is under threat of being shut down by brainwashed idiots who don’t understand science, and thus don’t understand that a trace anthropogenic proportion of a trace atmospheric gas is not the temperature control knob of the planet, our slide into collectivism will very quickly escalate to the exploitation of the people via the use of force. The tens of thousands of National Guard and law enforcement officers in DC during the inauguration was just a preview of what awaits every town and city.

    Arm yourselves. Buy plenty of ammo. Practice often. Be prepared to act. Be prepared to sacrifice yourself for the good of the country. Do not communicate your intentions to anyone. Only when we have enough people who’ve grown tired of being exploited will be have the numbers necessary to win in a conventional war, but this won’t be a conventional war… our best bet is asymmetrical warfare. It won’t be fought man-to-man and hand-to-hand in the streets, it’ll be fought by lone wolves targeting the tyrants.

  2. S. K. Dodsland says:

    The following was sent to members of the House of Representatives for Michigan, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska.

    The global temperature is not rising but temperature data is being altered. (temperature alterations part 3)

    This is why the IPCC has no credibility.

    If the corrections fixed known problems in the instruments, that would help accuracy. But they are statistical. They make the station measurements smoother when mapped and they smooth over discontinuities. In my opinion, NOAA has overdone it. TOB, PHA, infilling and gridding are overkill. This is easily seen in Figure 7 and by comparing Figure 3 to Figure 6 or Figure 5. Does the final trend in Figure 3 more closely resemble the measurements (Figure 6) or the net corrections in Figure 5? The century slope of the data is 0.25°, the corrections add 0.35° to this and the “climatological gridding algorithm” adds 0.9°! It is worth saying again, the type of statistical operations we are discussing do nothing to improve the accuracy of the National Temperature Index, and they probably reduce it.

  3. arn says:

    First they come for the opposing ideology.
    Then they come for the usefull idiots who are no longer useless.
    And in the end they will get rid of the political comrades who realised
    that the real goals have nothing to do with the promised utopia.

    And the lies and deceptions exist even in the highest ranks.
    Even Cecil Rhodes(the guy Zimbabwe was named after(rhodesia)),who was one of the first original big globalist guns(on behalf of the city of London) besides JD Rockefeller and JP Morgan of the 19th century openly said that
    “we will bring british ‘culture’ to the rest of the world”,
    was screwed by his masters.(Though he never knew)
    This global ,cultural ,imperialism indeed exists,
    (new ‘values’ usually made in USA(genderism,global cooling,woke,hippie,BLM,global cooling,sexual revolution) and is being spread via US corporate monopols(facebook,google,CFR,trillatetal commission etc)
    but it has nothing to do with british culture,
    nor original american culture and values
    but everything with Frankfurt Schools critical theory and Sigmund Freuds polymorphic perversion.

    All globalist roads lead to degenrated marxism.

  4. How about providing a print version of all the videos -some (many?) of us prefer to fast read .

  5. Garner Clay says:

    Reminded of Yuri Besmenov and his warning.

    No one will die to the truth of 2 plus 2 is four.

    Millions have died for the truth that God created humans.

    Ideas are important. People first burn books (bibles) then burn men (Tyndall).

    Christian martyrdom more powerful than Roman swords.

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