Five Years Since The End Of The Earth

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3 Responses to Five Years Since The End Of The Earth

  1. oldefarte says:

    AND ANOTHER “Error Message”, blocking yet another of your “YouTube” videos.

    Mr. Heller, perhaps you need to post directly to your site. “YouTube” is obviously “editing” your videos, even when you present them “off site”.

    The truth can stand debate and dissent and disagreement. Why, then, is the Left so determined to silence discussion? The answer is obvious.

  2. James Henry says:

    Seeing as the planet was destroyed some time ago, I can’t figure out if I’m watching this video from hell or heaven. As I look out the window on a heavenly day in Southwest Florida, I think possibly heaven. But, if I turn on the TV news or pick up the local paper, owned by USA Today, I think it must be hell.

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