Five Years Since The End Of The World

Fifteen years ago today, Nobel Laureate Al Gore announced that global warming would destroy the planet in ten years.


The world is also going to end in about ten years.

Ocasio-Cortez says the world will end in 12 years. She is absolutely right. – The Washington Post

And it ended 21 years ago.

Mercury News: Search Results

If this isn’t bad enough, we just entered a new ice age as well.

U.S. Scientist Sees New Ice Age Coming

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8 Responses to Five Years Since The End Of The World

  1. Do you call being ruled by Biden ‘living’?

    • Rory Forbes says:

      Rest assured, Gordon; Biden has had little to do with anything. He’s nothing but a place holder for a committee in the back ground. The global elite decided a year into Trump’s administration that the US presidency was far too important a position to risk having a functional president in charge. Biden isn’t out of his minder’s sight for a second.

  2. Marvelous Me says:

    Makes sense, I must be dead, look at all the BS that’s surrounding us.

  3. James Henry says:

    Apparently the meteorologists that tell us what the weather will be tomorrow have about a 50% chance of accuracy. The odds of being accurate go down with each day when they predict the next 2 weeks. This low level of accuracy is what we can expect with experienced meteorologists using the latest technology.

    If one watches the spaghetti models during hurricane season, you can see wildly varying predictions until about 24 hours before landfall and then, the strength and location can still be off significantly.

    Yet, for some strange reason, people are open to believing that some snake oil salesman from Tennessee can tell us, with complete confidence, what the weather will be in 2050 or even 2100. At least, what the weather will be if we don’t make ourselves poor.

  4. Adrian Foley says:

    • The first prediction to grab the attention of the public was the 1962 book ‘Silent Spring’, which said that use of the insecticide DDT would eventually kill all the birds. That one proved to be not just wrong, but criminal.
    • Then Paul Ehrlich said in his 1968 book ‘’The population Bomb’ that population would outgrow food production and billions would starve. He was wrong, too.
    • In 1972, the Club of Rome produced a book ‘The Limits to Growth’ which suggested that mankind is on a collision to disaster by the mid 21st century. Forty-eight years later and with thirty years to go as I write, there’s no sign of that happening.
    • Most of the CO2 we’re emitting will end up in the oceans, making them acidic, the experts say. That hasn’t happened.
    • Coral reefs will all die. They’re mostly growing.
    • Hurricanes will become more frequent. They’re not.
    • Droughts will become more frequent. They’re not either.
    • Al Gore predicted the Arctic ice will have melted by 2014 and sea levels will rise, swamping low-level islands and beachfronts across the world. Didn’t happen.

    He also said the Gulf Stream would slow down and cause devastation. Not so far.

    He predicted the disappearance of low-lying Pacific islands. They’re growing in landmass.

    On sea level, he predicted a rise of ten feet. Current annual increase zero – 3mm (about 1/8th of an inch, depending on whom you believe).

    In 2006: “We have ten years to save the planet”. We must have been successful in saving the planet, because we’re still here and so is the planet.

    Polar bears will be extinct in a handful of years. They’re at an all-time high.

    Clearly, his Nobel Prize was well-deserved.

    So, for more than fifty years in modern times, supposedly educated intelligent people have been making predictions about the future of the world’s climate to come and the one thing they all have in common is – they’ve all been wrong.

  5. Margaret Smith says:

    Great summary!

  6. Richard Tom says:

    Anybody remember the article: Dinosaur Era Had 5 Times Today’s CO2 By Katia Moskvitch – Contributor March 24, 2014 ? It can be found at

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