Learning From History

Most people don’t learn the lessons of history, and that is dangerous. But even more dangerous are the people who do learn the lessons – and use it as the playbook for a repeat performance.

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12 Responses to Learning From History

  1. John Tice says:

    Excellent post, Tony.

  2. Dave N says:

    Viking guy was armed with a speakerphone for godssake! He could have killed millions with that!

    What a bunch of morons the Demoncrats and their mindless supporters are.

  3. arn says:

    History(and reality) is written by the winners and those who controle the MSM.

    That”s why history+reality is different for people in Russia or Iran compared
    to people in the USA.

    The reason people never “learn” from history is simple.
    The basic fundamentals and tools of power,controle and politics(as exposed and/or used
    by machiavelli,richelieu) have not changed
    (nor have peoples minds and their vulnarability to deception)
    therefore future conflicts will repeat patterns of the past
    as the most succesfull strategies will be used over and over again as they have proven to be effective.
    And TPTB can repeat the history over and over again in few years and get away with it=bombing iraq,lybia,syria etc.
    Noone gets ever punished or held accountable.

    There will always be a “Reichstagsbrand” as Hitler knew very well
    “The bigger the lie the more people will believe it.

  4. Tsemach says:

    Dear Tony, I have a paper for your review. Being unknown I humbly ask for your valuable time, and attention to review this paper, link for PDF is here: https://ln2.sync.com/dl/868c20f80/frgcuxrt-b27b3hss-p7gcsnq7-xgxdgq4s
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    Many ‘thank you’s in advance,

    • Vegieman says:

      Jesus IS the Branch. “When these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” Maranatha.

  5. Ron says:

    When I look at the Gov. I see tyrants/criminals. I sure don’t feel represented.
    The folks in Washington play the public against each other. it’s really us against the establishment. Biden and the Democrats appear are nuts. and many Republicans also.

  6. Barbarossa says:

    FYI. Sorry. I didn’t get to see your video because my WiFi blocks all of your videos on YouTube. I checked it out from the Library (Garfield Public Library) and it blocks ALL YouTube content concerning history, politics, and anti-human caused global climate change. Strangely, it doesn’t block 4-Chan, Bitchute, Gab, or any of the websites that belong to the YouTubers that it blocks! So I go onto the blocked YouTuber’s websites and view their videos there (unless they just link to their YouTube accounts like you do). I’ve no problem viewing the videos on this site that are NOT linked to YouTube.

  7. JPinBalt says:

    Aside Tony, outside actor for hire viking man being escorted into Senate for a photo op, just want to communicate this, …

    See new propaganda from White House relating climate change to institutional racism, racial justice, -plus rehashing green energy jobs like Obama and Solyndra.
    You can do a whole vid on Gina McCarthy alone.

    I have a new term for brainwashed people who will not look at facts, “temperature deniers.” There has not been any significant change in US temperature for at least 15 years by NOAA’s most pristine state of art temperature land based USCRN stations, but a climate crisis going on

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