Do Not Pass Go … Go Directly To Gulag

Climate alarmists originally targeted capitalism via CO2 emissions, but now they have cut the middleman (CO2) out of the equation .. and are directly targeting capitalism.

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19 Responses to Do Not Pass Go … Go Directly To Gulag

  1. Richard says:

    If oil is killing people (humans) why was the world population in 1870 approximately 1.2 billion worldwide to 7.7 billion in 2020 today at the beginning of oil usage.
    In 1850 circa the death rate for kids under 5 was 45%+-, now not more than 5% in advanced countries. The average life expectancy was 45 in 1870’s. Now from 2000BC Egypt the life expectancy was 19, it took 3800 years for the life expectancy to increase 26 years.
    With Oil now in use from say 1870 which is early, closer to widespread use from 1900 to 2020 the life expectancy went from 45 to 75 a total of 30 years added in less than 120 years?
    World population in 1000 AD was 310,000,000
    World population in 1850 AD was 1.2 Billion so 850 years go jump 1 billion
    Time of Oil age population went from 1.2 Billion to 7.5 billion in 2020, less than 160+- years for population to jump 7 X’s faster
    Food production in US & Europe jumped from 1900 to 1930s more than any increase since the dawn of time due to oil, tractors, steam etc.
    Global Temperature guessing is Kindergarten science

  2. Ron says:

    I think I have come up with a cure for all our climate change problems! Get rid of the scientist and politicians pushing this BS. I tell my kids that our family right now lives much better than any of our ancestors. Yeah, the weather changes and has cycles. it’s criminal how people are crying wolf about the weather. If you mention the sun or cooling people look at you like your nuts. Climate change is the least of my worries.

  3. Craig Lowen says:

    As I understand it, the US is not back into the Paris Agreement yet. President Biden has signed the treaty, but it’s not legal until it’s been ratified which requires a two-thirds Senate majority. Faint hope, but who knows?

    • spren says:

      Democrats and progressives don’t care about the Constitution except when they can invent new rights from it. Who needs the rule book when you have a pen just to write them up as you go?

  4. Infidel says:

    I have that strange feeing that within the decade our still somewhat free western civilisation will be history and be replaced by mindless tyranny!

    “Even as slaves humble themselves before a tyrant and praise him though he slays them.” – On Freedom, The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran

  5. Flint_Lock_97 says:

    There is an interesting 2008 article online by a guy named Ernst-Georg Beck (I’m sure you have all seen it by now), which summarizes about 200 years of the chemical analysis of the atmosphere and the CO2 levels at hundreds of points in the past. CO2 levels were above 400 in 1850-60 and again in 1940-1950. If you take the scary, alarming Mauna Loa data from 1960-2020 and squash it down so the y-axis scales match, our supposed profligate belching of CO2 and the effect on the atmosphere isn’t terribly impressive.

    Since the advent of climate alarmism, Russia collusion hoaxes and heinous Covid statistics, I would say that the biggest casualties of the past twenty years are 1) anyone with a PhD in atmospheric science, 2) anyone with an MBA or degree in political science, or 3) doctors, especially those who are government funded hacks. Purveyors of mass hysteria and superstition all.

    Combat Global Stupidity!

    • If you have a degree in ‘climate science’, I suggest you demand your money back.

      • Richard says:

        Gordon so is Bill Nyle the science FAKE- Al Gore went to law school and no degrees in Science or Engineering, 99% of the DNC went to law school, Biden and Harris – lawyers not Engineers
        a REAL Climate Scientist Mrs Judith Curry has over 200 peer reviewed documents and has proven Global Warming is a scam
        The worst an academic faces is ridicule thats a JOKE

      • Richard says:

        You probably should sue your school that PhD in Basket weaving is not paying off

  6. David G says:

    Global warming with resulting climate change has become a very entrenched first world meme. I am an academic, with a doctorate, and inhabit an environment of well educated people who accept the meme without question, while investigating other things with apprpriate scientific rigour. This is going to be very hard to change.

    • richard c merrill says:

      Academics find it hard to let go of the National science foundation/NASA tit of research money. But they think any geological scientist working in the petroleum business is being paid off.

    • The worst an academic may fear is ridicule. An engineer, in contrast, can go to jail if he/she is wrong. That is why engineers are highly sensitive to BS. Tony is an engineer.

  7. spren says:

    I think the entire thing is a complete madness. There certainly area charlatans pushing the scam, but that doesn’t excuse their cult members who desperately want to believe it.
    They’ve pushed religion out of their lives and are now desperate for anything, regardless of how ridiculous or absurd it is, to find some kind of meaning.

  8. Jessica+pohl says:

    It was the plan all along. After all, every single one of the myriad socialist “issues”, including the “manmade climate” hoax, “whiteness” and the fake pandemic, have one and only one aim in common: destroy the capitalist West.

  9. Doug Johnson says:

    It seems like the year 2020 should provide useful data experiment to test the theory of anthropomorphic climate change. With so many industrial countries in a restricted economy or even shut down, was there a measurable effect on CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere? Was there a measurable change in the average global temperatures? I don’t know how to get to this analysis but I think you could do it.

  10. Flint_Lock_97 says:

    I want to be the first to suggest that we declare states in flyover country as Federal Tax Sanctuary Zones. If it works for illegal immigrants, why not for taxpayers? We can have a line item review and not fund CDC hacks, climate hacks, the entire Department of Energy, the entire Department of Education, the entire…

    You get the idea.

    Texas will be a good place to start. Texas Tax Sanctuary.

    You heard it here first. I think.

  11. hotwire says:

    Just like you Tony, I was employed for my expertise however I am a chemist. Both parties in this argument are wrong. Earth’s chemistry is much more stable than either party argue. If they was no plant life on earth the climate would be very similar to what it is.
    The methods used for CO2 measurements and most of prehistoric records, are very erroneous. The real science supports you stand but only some of your arguments.
    Leave the geology guesses out and explain the chemistry. If you wish I would be happy to explain.
    Keep up the fight, however I expect the past to repeat itself and ignorance will prevail.

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