Nancy Pelosi Attempts A Military Coup Against The US President

Pelosi Pressed Pentagon on Safeguards to Prevent Trump From Ordering Military Action – The New York Times

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21 Responses to Nancy Pelosi Attempts A Military Coup Against The US President

  1. Jan Goffa says:

    I’m not sure botoxed brain cells are still reliable …

    • John Francis says:

      She has had so many facelifts it’s no joke.

      • WCK says:

        The reason she has trouble keeping her teeth in her mouth is because it is her belly button, that is where it is after all those lifts.

        • Ben Vorlich says:

          As a UK resident I’d never heard the woman speak before. My first thought when I heard her was don’t they have dentists in the States?

          I have serious concerns about the way President Trump has been shut down by political opponents and social media. I feel that politicians who gain power act like they’ve had 100% support of the electorate, which is in fact far from the truth. In the UK this has rarely if ever happened in the 20th and 21st centuries and little or no cognisance of the views of the majority who didn’t vote for them.

  2. Fiat lux fiat lux says:

    Nancy Pelosi has long been schizophrenic. Nancy must never be trusted with the nuclear codes.

    • Michael Castillo says:

      Fiat lux fiat lux, the concern about the nuclear codes is a pretense. The bombs she is worried about are truth bombs. Per General McEnerney, her laptop was taken during the Democratic Party dirty trick of storming the Capitol and the laptop is in the hands of pro Trump factions. She is in a desperate panic to remove Trump from office before he can act on the information found on her laptop.

      • Richard says:

        that is 100% for sure- from the beginning Trump must of told her NO a word she does not connect with- probably some $$$ scam she was running and Big T said NO Nancy

  3. Dave N says:

    Deep Panic

    • Richard says:

      YES she is – WOULD Love to see FBI handcuff her and lead her out of office

    • Tom T. says:

      One doesn’t need to be a detective to see what’s going on here. He’s only a week away from being out of office. And now they are worried about the nuclear codes? Who do they think he’s going to attack? Is it possible there’s something on Pelosi laptop that shows a level of collusion with the Chinese that warrants an actual military strike?! No rational person could possibly say that Nancy Pelosi is acting logically right now. She obviously is very afraid that Trump might actually have some undisputable concrete damning evidence. After all the Democrats get away with everything in most cases. For them to be this afraid tells me whatever is on that computer will not be able to be spun even by the almighty media

  4. Rory Forbes says:

    And yet Nancy continues to be elected and appointed by the House as leader. The US political system has been broken for so long no one seems to notice … until a Trump happened to stop by and become President. Now we have confirmation that a large number of Republicans are worse than Democrats … that many Democrats are more honest than Republicans and virtually none of the long term politicians can be trusted by anyone.
    Removing the trash is long overdue.

    • Not a COVIDIOT says:

      Three words—electronic voting machines. They are easily manipulated. Now that we have only one party in command, you can kiss voting goodbye. They won by any means necessary.

  5. michael nunn says:

    I recall that the Roman Empire fell because of lead poisoning from the wine vessels.
    What is the cause of the fall of the USA? It must be madness and paranoia amongst
    the population along the Coastline of US (?). Please find a vaccine urgently Dr Trump will advise!

    • Richard says:

      Lead is not the cause of Romes fall- many reasons
      1- Emperiors thought they were gods
      2- Politians were as crooked as ours
      3- Empire grew too large
      4- too many fronts to fight
      5- rise of Hannibal & 7 times sacked by Barbarians

    • arn says:

      lead poisoning had been replaced with flourid poisoning and mercury in vaccines
      (and lead is also still used(never let an effective tool go to waste)
      as we have seen in Flint Michigan where Obama has performed one of the most impressive shows of political psychopathy when he “drank” the water)

  6. Steve+Cooksey says:

    So, with good reason, Nancy is afraid Trump will nuke her.

  7. Russell Hertzog says:

    wrong answer

  8. Russell Hertzog says:

    this is another thin g the democratic party is trying to pin on the president . tried to pin Russian collusion on him tried to pin china on trump every time this president made a move to help this country they made up something about him and we found out it was the democratic party like mrs Clinton paid the Russians Mrs Clinton was in the pockets of the arabs. much more all president trump ever faught for was the right for freedom the right to religion stop waste ful spending and make America first. we have our own starving people.
    we do not need to feed the world starving people we do not need to continue to make china richer and our economy poorer.

  9. Peter Carroll says:

    At the risk of splitting hairs Tony. Nancy is actually seeking Trump’s FIRST impeachment. Her previous attempt failed, therefore he has not been impeached.
    Should she succeed this time it will be a very hollow victory, as Trump will no longer be president.
    On the positive side, Nancy is providing the rest of the world with a lot of entertainment. We all see she is an embittered, vindictive, malicious, old woman who has one aim in life and that is to destroy Trump. She started on this vendetta even before Trump was inaugurated and hasn’t let up.
    The rest of the world is wondering how in the hell the Democrats still tolerate such a corrosive personality in a position of power. Speaks volumes for her backers.

    • Walter L. Wagner says:

      The House impeached him, the Senate Acquited him in 2020.

      In 2021, the House impeached him again (second impeachment). It will go to the Senate for trial, apparently after he is out of office (if that happens).

      Some say he will be the first president to be elected to a second term (in 2024) after having twice been impeached.

  10. Justa Joe says:

    Can you imagine having to listen to this crazy woman and actually have to take her seriously?

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