New Video : The 2020 Climate Crisis (January-May)

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4 Responses to New Video : The 2020 Climate Crisis (January-May)

  1. Alex says:

    Dear Tony or any reader who has info on below: I have followed For almost 10 years on and off and recently discovered video posts on youtube. Keep up the good and important work Tony! I found the videos ‘Alterations to the 3 part series US temperature record’ intriguing And persuasive (on YouTube ),especially the Unadjusted temperature trends for Stations with 100 year History. I would like to think that there are Some honest people at NOAA and similar agencies. When they are shown the chart with the stripped out stations that do not need adjustment for reset and movement factors, showing no warming trend , what are their responses to why this analysis is less persuasive than their own?

  2. Nelson says:

    Some really nice video. Thanks.

    Tony, A quick question.

    1) Do you know how many of the temperature series linked to your software have a negative slope.

    • WCK says:

      They all contain a negative slope, if you pick your start and stop parameters accordingly you can create any statistic you desire. This is why the people trying to scare everyone USE statistics.

  3. Richard says:

    anyone want to bet the Kindergarten Science experts tell us 2019 WAS the HOTTEST the Earth has ever been as it has been since 2010

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