The Military Industrial Complex Is Back

As I predicted yesterday, the Middle East wars are starting up again under Joe Biden.

Large US military convoy enters northeast Syria after Damascus demands immediate withdrawal

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3 Responses to The Military Industrial Complex Is Back

  1. Andre Rohde garder says:

    Explosive scam-election news from Italy/Switzerland.

    Switerzerland knew the Dominion-server in Frankfurt could be used for hacking, “forgot” to inform USA ahead of election.

    Italys biggest independent TV-station reports, and Affidavit delivered to Maria Zack,

  2. Andre Rohde garder says:

    Meanwhile – “the most popular president ever”, have major, major problems getting “likes” on Youtube…

    ps. Youtube even tried to fix it for Scammer-Biden, but got busted!

  3. tom0mason says:

    The Democrat Party — “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

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