“NOAA temperature adjustments are doing exactly what they’re supposed to”

The Guardian is always a great source of climate comedy.

“No climate conspiracy: NOAA temperature adjustments bring data closer to pristine. A new study finds that NOAA temperature adjustments are doing exactly what they’re supposed to”

No climate conspiracy: NOAA temperature adjustments bring data closer to pristine | Climate science denial | The Guardian

NASA 1999      NASA 2019

NOAA USHCN temperature adjustments cool the past by 1F, warm the present by 1F, and track the increase in CO2. The data is being altered to match their CO2 warming theory. Apparently that is “exactly what they’re supposed to do.

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12 Responses to “NOAA temperature adjustments are doing exactly what they’re supposed to”

  1. Thomas Fowler says:

    “Brings them closer to a reference network” of stations? And just how could that be happening for data that is 60-80 years old? And for contemporary data (last 40 years or so) we have satellite measurements. Sounds like Congressman Smith is onto something. What is needed is a truly independent commission to examine the temperature record and its changes, with power to fire NASA and NOAA officials found to be making unwarranted temperature adjustments. This would embarrass too many people, though, so I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Tom Adams says:

    Ok Mr. Heller, I’ve been using you and the data you’ve been presenting for several years as my main source for educating myself in climatology.
    This report leaves me puzzled. It contradicts everything you’ve presented in the past.
    Please explain what’s real.
    (E-mail please)

  3. G W Smith says:

    ‘Pristine’ means what they want it to mean. The Ministry of Truth keeps us ‘safe.’ All dictionaries will need to be recalled, adjusted, and made ‘pristine.’

  4. Anon says:

    If you know what the temperatures are supposed to be, why use thermometers at all?

    I imagine they use these adjustment techniques in forensic investigations. If they know a guy is guilty of some charge, then the crime lab. adjusts their data to reflect that, even if the data cleared the suspect initially.

    And if the defense protests, the response is: “the data was adjusted exactly as it was supposed to be”.

    We have drifted into “Peak Orwell” here… IMHO

  5. Acys of adding a degree to the present and taking a degree off the past will certainly “do exactly what they’re supposed to do.” but is cannot be called science or honesty.

  6. Dave Ellis says:

    NASA and NOAA manipulation of data to “prove” warming is absolutely criminal.
    When there are mega-trillions of dollars to be siphoned off from productive people in the climate change / global warming scams, “science” is bought and paid for by the scammers enroute to untold riches.
    Just another reason why they want to take away your 2nd Amendment rights.

  7. Gerald Machnee says:

    It must be cooling. The positive adjustments are increasing.

  8. David Caddie says:

    The answer is here; the Green Red menace. https://youtu.be/a7e4u0MKTCs

  9. dm says:

    Putting lipstick (temperature adjustments) on a pig (catastrophic climate change, formely known as global warming, fka the next ice age).

  10. dm says:

    The NOAA “study” may be worse than Tony implies.

    Compare the 1st graph in Nuccatelli’s article with the 2nd in Tony’s critique. They are polar opposites (deliberate imagery;-}. NOAA shows it WARMED the past. Tony shows the adjustments COOLED the past. NOAA’s graph shows mostly minor adjustments since 1940. Tony shows increasingly large adjustments.

    My $ is on Tony’s critique. He knows data. He uses good old fashioned, tried & proven reliable arithmetic. He is straight forward. Reality has proven him correct time & again.

    So, I suspect Lysenko style meddling with the “raw data” series referenced by the NOAA study. Perhaps Tony can confirm or correct this hunch.

  11. They will be ice skating on the Thames, and NASA will claim the hottest year ever.

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