Wyoming Lockdown

As of today, all COVID restrictions have been lifted in Wyoming.  But here in Cheyenne we are locked down by several feet of very heavy snow, and below freezing temperatures.

As difficult as this is for humans, it is likely catastrophic for livestock and wildlife. The Pronghorn does are nearing their delivery date, and can’t get any food.

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6 Responses to Wyoming Lockdown

  1. Lance says:

    That…is a lot of “thing other past”

  2. G W Smith says:

    I live in the forest, and at times it puzzles me why all the animals aren’t breaking down our doors trying to get in and keep warm.

  3. Mary-Anne Sillamaa says:

    Sorry to hear about the does!

  4. Virginia Silcox says:

    I’m near Wolf Creek Pass in CO…hardly any snow here, though I heard the ski area got some. I enjoyed the documentary about the 1949 blizzard…but what amazingly tough times. Best of luck digging out…you’ll have a beautiful Spring.

  5. Rud Istvan says:

    The pronghorn does will likely mostly survive, along with most of their kids. Nature.
    I am a very long time white tail deer Wisconsin farmer/hunter who has seen worse weather over the past near now forty years—inches of ice, not mere feet of snow. The deer does put on extra fall fat for just such an occasion. A fat doe bother fall hunting season is a bambi blessing in our oft late spring, Nature adapts.

  6. Joe in Wyo says:

    I agree with Rud. The pronghorn will be fine… in fact, this snow will make for more feed available and they might drop twins or 3 fawns as they know…. not the first snow storm those old does ever saw…. just sayin….. I live in Wyo and the first day I see am antelope fawn I will let you all know….. I think it’s a month off……

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