A Star Is Born

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9 Responses to A Star Is Born

  1. Rah says:

    Best to you and your beautiful lady Tony. It sure looks like you’ve found your best place and time.

  2. So Sweet!
    Her boots look GREAT
    My Lovelie’s Birthday is coming up….the soles lol do practical!

    MetaIgneous Ridges are WoW too
    Still at flabbergasted yikes…West Colorado Springs at vet 8,000ft above MHW a Petrified Mangrove Forest ( whom can’t survive at 10 ft above MHW
    Fred’s fault?

    message me about CowGal Booties?

  3. richard c merrill says:

    you are a hero to many of us.

  4. Bob Janssen says:

    A very enjoyable video. Uplifting!

  5. Leifur says:

    How wonderful, and this Star is now learning from each footstep (pawstep) taken.
    Greetings, Leifur

  6. David Fawcett says:

    Your videos are gems.

  7. Les Power says:

    G’Day Tony (from “Downunder”)
    That was truly lovely Tony, my sincere thanks to you the young Lady and that beautiful puppy. The lanscape was lovely too.
    In these “troubled times”, it is fabulous that people like you can help the rest of us with such brightness and beauty.
    Thank you sincerely mate
    Kind regards
    Les D Power
    CEO The WILL of Australians.

  8. David March says:

    Breathtaking! Inspiring!

    Nice mountains and lake, too.

    Thank you for persevering.

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