“Researchers Worry”

Dragonflies and climate change: Warmer temperatures causes males to lose wing patterns

I photograph a lot of dragonflies, and see no evidence that their claim about dragonfly wings is true.

And even if it were true, there is no basis for claiming it is due to global warming. Dragonflies have been around for 300 million years and most of that time temperature and CO2 levels were much higher than now.

image277.gif (660×417)

Dragonflies thrive in a huge range of climates from the tropics to the Arctic, and some migrate thousands of miles.

Simple physics link the distribution and colour of dragonflies across North America and Europe | Ecography

The majority of the claimed global warming is during the Arctic winter. How would that affect dragonflies?

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis (v4): Global Maps

Before data tampering by government agencies, US afternoon temperatures have cooled over the last century, not warmed. If dragonflies are changing in the US it is not due to warming.

The authors are located in Missouri, where temperatures have plummeted over the past century.

Giant dragonflies lived 250 million years ago. The reason they were able to grow so large was because of high oxygen levels produced by the luxuriant vegetation of the carboniferous era. The reason for the luxuriant vegetation was high CO2 levels.


Most people who have been to a natural history museum are aware of the fact that giant dragonflies thrived in warm climates from the past.

Even on our warmest and muggiest days | Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Everything is wrong about this story. It has no basis in fact, yet the press runs with it without doing any fact checking or seeking out sensible opinions from actual scientists.

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9 Responses to “Researchers Worry”

  1. Gamecock says:

    Global mean temperature is a calculated value. It doesn’t actually exist at any point on earth.

    Hence, no dragonfly ever reacted to global mean temperature. They only react to their local temperature. Researchers’ assertion is ludicrous.

  2. In order to get funding, start with the conclusion ‘climate change bad’ and then search for data which might, through sufficiently convoluted reasoning, support the assertion. Best of all, propose a cleverly disguised perpetual motion machine as a solution to the ‘climate crisis’ (easy enough to do using the ‘physics’ of global warming). The research will always be incomplete, requiring further study. The impossibility of the task renders this a permanent gravy train. Integrity and honesty disappeared from Western science years ago.

  3. arn says:

    Whenever i read the name Michael Moore i know some big fat BS is coming around.

    I am pretty sure this guy was sitting there,with a stop clock in his hand and was observing the pattern change of the wings.
    And as fly-wings are supersolid indestructable stuff with precise dates on their wings
    he was instantly able to tell that the pattern of dragonflies in brazil changed faster from 1986-2021 than those in china from 1011-1046
    or those from 750.000 years ago till 749.965 in France.
    And the cause for this is of course co2 and warming.
    Well, i claim that during the period 27.456.169 BC – 27.456.134 BC
    the patterns of dragon flies in Mexico City changed 7* faster than they did today.
    And i also claim that co2,as long as it does not collapse buildings in miami,changes patterns on
    dragon fly wings- but only on tuesdays.

    Let’s not forget.
    It absolutely does not matter wether the temperature 10.000 years ago in Brazil was 5 degrees warmer than in Germany
    and that nowadays temperature in Germany maybe 1 degree warmer
    than it was 10k years ago,
    nowadays dragon flies in Germany will change their pattern faster because of warmer temperatures than in 4degrees warmer brazil 10k years ago.

    Now that’s some expert science
    only rivaled by the baseless theory that an insignificant increase of 0.01% co2
    can have an effect on animals that neither have the sensors to measure the difference nor the ability to absorb and convert co2.
    And as the atomic structure of plants does not change due to more co2(only the size does) nothing changes for dragon flies.
    And let’s be hoenest:
    If this crazy theory would have appeared in 1981
    these bastards would have blamed the ozon hole
    (and it is far more logical that an increase of UV rays would have much bigger effect on animals than co2.
    But during the time of ice age scare and ozone hole armageddon
    the other scientific fields did not knew that they can easily scam money from
    armageddon science by linking their science to armageddons.

    Let’s assume that this is not just another parasitic attempt to scam off taxpayers money
    and to make useless feel important and a piss poor excuse to justify the own existence
    and that there is a real increase in pattern changes ,
    than pollution of soil,water and air and gmo plants with formerly unknown substances should have a much much bigger impacts than a neutral transparent gas that has always been there.

    pro tip for the useless scientist pretending to be a hero:
    Simply claim that chameleons could adjust their patterns faster and were more colorful before the co2 armageddon and that they will go extinct because their tongues got shorter and less sticky as result of AGW-
    this should be enough for 10 years more funding and money for nothing,so you can buy your second front beach property.

  4. Greg Raven says:

    Hmm, seems credible, but I think I’m going to ask Scott Adams what he thinks.

  5. paul courtney says:

    Surprised they had to look so hard for evidence of AGW, male dragon fly wings?! I see evidence of AGW all around me: electric cars not fit for purpose; windmills that churn a trickle of electricity (but great for keeping those huge bugs at bay); hot weather in the summer. Just look out the window.

    • toorightmate says:

      Careful Paul.
      If you can not see catastrophic climate change when you look out the window, the Biden administration will knock on your door and you will no longer be allowed to look out the window.

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