NOAA’s Hottest June Ever

NOAA confirms last month was hottest June ever in US

The percent of hot days during June was about average and half of 1933.

Afternoon temperatures were about two degrees cooler than 1933.

The mean temperature was about the same as 1911 and 1934, and lower than 1933.

Nighttime temperatures were the highest on record.

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17 Responses to NOAA’s Hottest June Ever

  1. arn says:

    I guess this year was so wet and cold
    that the NOAA “scientists” got the order to fabricate some kind of hottest ever record to counterbalance reality.
    I’m also sure that the average 3mm sea level rise this year was the biggest 3mm sea level rise ever.

    Considering that sun spot minimum years tend to have more extreme weather
    and more temperature highs and lows during summer and winter
    the data may even be right to a certain degree
    but real record breaking temperatures would lead to record breaking results as the dust bowl.

  2. northernont says:

    They ignore data that doesn’t push the narrative. Earth warming. Man is to blame. It really is a religion.
    Then they push for alternative energy sources, ignoring the only technology that can deliver, which is nuclear.
    They encourage the use of bio fuels, derived from bio mass and trees, but do not mention the CO2 released from this burning, contributes to the total percentage of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere, which is the foundation of their religion. Its like a self fulfilling prophecy.
    I would love to see a study that examines just that.

    • Archie says:

      At best/worst, isn’t biomass fuel carbon neutral?

      • northernont says:

        Yes, that is what they tell us. Average hardwood tree lifespan in North America varies greatly from 100 to 400 years of age. But we encourage burning of these trees for energy, and take no account for this neutral sequestered CO2 and its effect on current CO2 levels in our atmosphere. other then to say its neutral. It is still man made.
        If this neutral argument the global warming fanatics push, is to be taken at face value, then is not burning coal, carbon neutral also?
        If everyone burnt wood today instead of fossil fuel, what would CO2 levels be?
        The resulting skyrocketing CO2 saturation in the atmosphere would be used as evidence for more CO2 regulations encouraging more biomass burning. Hence my self fulfilling prophecy comment.

  3. Bobby T says:

    How can NOAA make these statements??

  4. nobler says:

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    People are tuned in to extreme heat. We had about 3 days of above 100 degree weather this June. How that compares with normal, I don’t know, but most of the time it has been chilly, like late fall. Some evenings it has been down right cold. I suspect we averaged below normal. This is Northern California. This week it has been hot again, for four days, but people act like they’ve never seen that before.

    • Phil Inman says:

      About the same in So Cal. OC. Coolest June on record. Well, that I can remember, not that I pay much attention. But June is usually a warm month here. But no point in checking the official weather temps. You know it is all lies. And I wonder if Tony has a method of verifying or correcting NOAA numbers for 2021?

  6. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I think trying to forecast the climate is the mission of fools. It’s too complex. Tying it to a tiny fraction of the atmosphere and then lying about the data doesn’t work either, in fact, it’s laughable.

  7. Daniel Smeal says:

    I’ve analyzed some weather data when doing agricultural research in northern NM. And there did appear to be a slight linear increase in daily (overnight) minimum temperature. But the weather station was located on a continually developing irrigation project. This of course increased the night-time relative humidity as more and more acreage was irrigated and hence more heat was retained at night.The average daily maximum temperature did not increase over time but the mean temperature did (slightly) because of the increased night temps. So these other variables need to be taken into account when making conclusions about ‘global warming.

  8. KevinPaul says:

    Funny that they claimed the same for New Zealand, but they never mention how the earliest records were bastardized, I mean, “homogenized” down, if not for that it wouldn’t be a remarkable June at all.

  9. D. Boss says:

    Of course the “official” climate propaganda says “the hottest ever”, but it’s not and they are making stuff up, or cherry picking or “adjusting” the past downwards etc.

    Here in South Florida we’ve had a VERY cool June, and my daily log of the time my A/C system is on was only 7.2 hours per day, while May it was 9.4 hours per day – all with identical daily set points (at 05:00 it goes to 77 F, at 17:00 it drops to 76 F, at 20:00 it drops to 75F and at 23:00 it drops to 74F)

    June and July normally causes the A/C to run 10-11 hours per day. This June was cloudy almost every day! Of course this is for one location, and Tony’s data mining is for the entire US for a century, but still – it has not been the hottest ever, almost everywhere in the US.

    People are not as stupid as they believe – and eventually this massive fraud will be evident to everyone, even the most brainwashed. The Climate Hoax, the Scamdemic Hoax and the va22ine (I mean the experimental dangerous concoction being jabbed into people without real informed consent) – all these houses of cards will come crashing down and those perpetrating these frauds will be at the mercy of the angry masses.

    • Disillusioned says:

      D. Boss said: “…all these houses of cards will come crashing down and those perpetrating these frauds will be at the mercy of the angry masses.”

      I think in order for this revolt by the masses to ensue, they would need to stop watching TV, listening to the radio and reading news messages on fakebook and almost every other medium that brings them the “news” [propaganda] 24/7.

      Why do I think this? It appears to me the propaganda media are controlled by and do the bidding for Big Pharma, which work hand in hand with state governments around the globe. Year after year, decade after decade, the masses drink in what they are told by the media and their ‘experts’ – no matter if what they were told two months ago contradicts what they are being told today. The sheep/people are wholly bombarded and consumed by the messages the controllers want/need in order to stay in power. Most will believe what they are told and take the next jab.

      I do hope folks like Tony, et. al., can reach enough to make a difference. But, the game is rigged. They are being shadow banned on social media and as such, very few see their message. The deep state even has ‘hopeium’ fake news sites with pure propaganda, with sensational stories that distorts what the good guys actually say, and it keeps the sheep believing what keeps getting shoved in their faces, 24/7. I think they will begin the next global war if that’s what it takes to keep it all going. Those at the very top are capable of anything. Anything.

      Over the years I have evolved from an AGW believer to a skeptic with hope that the data was all that is necessary to change peoples minds, and now to a very concerned skeptic with cynicism replacing that optimistic skepticism. It appears to me that this global chess game of power is rigged from every possible facet — by and for the most powerful.

      I do appreciate your optimism.

  10. Ron says:

    I went to Las Vegas yesterday and the outside thermometer in my van hit 130, but my phone had it at 118. So I didn’t need a jacket anyhow.
    Vegas looked a tad beat up. I had to go to three gas stations to find gas and a pump with a working card reader. Gas was 3.89 a gallon.
    There are really good Asian food markets there. I was jealous.
    The roads were kind of thrashed and on the AZ side also. I-40 needs work also.
    That’s all I can say without getting into trouble.

  11. From the UK: There must be something wrong with the thermometer next to my back door, it has remained about 17 centigrade for most of the summer so far. Either the ‘hottest June ever’ is not global or it is pure Taurum Excretum.

  12. Dan Auton says:

    Can you quantify the effect of urban heat islands on the nighttime temperatures with something like I’ve seen before showing urban versus rural trends?

  13. Renee Richardson says:

    Did the author of this post also author the graphs? I am trying to find the original source of the graphs. Thanks!

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