A Century Of Junk Climate Science In The Schools

“geographers who cram children with misinformation which passes under the head of education in America.”

– Vihjalmur Stefansson 1928

05 Jan 1928, Page 1 – The Winnipeg Tribune at Newspapers.com

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3 Responses to A Century Of Junk Climate Science In The Schools

  1. arn says:

    The snakeoil salesmen never disappeared
    they simply transitioned to climate science,

    (the same way communism was artificially fractionated into progressivism,critical theory,critical race theory,political correctness,green politics etc to appear as something different,to conceal the centralised totalitarian approach and make it look organic,diverse and alternative while all branches work towards one and the same goal)

    • Robert Rust says:

      The snake oil salesmen remain as such across the board, they are a part of a mafia-structured family, they own, run, and control all institutions of modern civilization as a family cartel. There are no such things as disease-causing evil spirits, germs, viruses, microbes, and so forth, it’s all a profiteering racket that’s been running for at least the last 600 years, just one of the endless scams that the elite of the inbreeding, self-idolizing cult clan constantly runs against humanity for the sake of profit, power, control, and fame, at the expense of the human species.

      There’s no god as a being either, this is an invention of the parasite cult clan. An old greek acronym, G.o.d. = geometry of divinity, the angular relationship of the celestial bodies in the sky. Humanity’s been dumb-downed, brainwashed, and subjugated to and by the inbreeding, hegemony-seeking cult clan starting a little over 6000 years ago, the clan formerly known as the profiteering, racketeering, warmongering, inbreeding, society infiltrating Phoenicians of the coastal Levant. We all speak dialects of their language, the first two letters of their alphabet being aleph and beta. It’s a long, sordid history that requires detective investigation to sort out due to the cult clan owning and controlling all communication institutions and organizations of modern humanity. E.g., Hollywood, government, tv, internet, publishing, magazines, education, and so forth.

  2. Jake Sinclair says:

    Science = “Some experts disagree with the experts, but the experts agreed that the only experts, that were the experts, were the experts who agreed with the experts. The scientific method was replaced with artificial consensus by multi-national corporations.”

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