Climate Change In California

Alexandra Souverneva charged with starting Fawn Fire in California

Bay Area woman suspected of starting Fawn Fire pleads not guilty

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15 Responses to Climate Change In California

  1. Jeffrey Brehm says:

    What ain’t nuts and fruits is flakes…

  2. Michael+Abbott says:

    How many loony tunes have you got over their? Shouldn’t be allowed out alone. We keep ours in a gothic style house besides the Thames not far from Big Ben.

  3. Pamela Matlack-Klein says:

    One wonders how she acquired the bear urine she was allegedly boiling….

  4. Steve says:

    CalFire says over 100 arson arrests have been made so for this year. There was 120 arrests last year.

  5. Francis Barnett says:

    But the serial global warming fruitloops will still be screaming that it’s caused by your car.

  6. Bill Tex Cowart says:

    These wildfires have been happening in California for thousands of years. The Redwoods cannot grow without the heat from the fires opening their seed pod. The only difference is that now there are homes built that are in the path of these fires that would have burned out naturally and cleared out the old vegetation. Of course, the fruit loops want to blame Global Warming/Climate change on everything to scare the gullible fools into spending billions on this scam and voting for a carbon tax so the government can really control your life.

  7. Russell Cook says:

    One of Arizona’s biggest wildfires (if not the biggest) came out of two separate fires set by arsonists. Would be fun to speculate on this overall if it wasn’t so tragic, but if no arsonists had ever set forests on fire, would AGWers even be able to blame gigantic wildfires on CAGW?

  8. Anon says:

    Souverneva lists “shaman” as her current occupation and indicates that she was a doctoral student at SUNY’s New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry.

    She told forest officials that she was thirsty and had come across a puddle of what she believed to be bear urine — and tried to make a fire to boil it, according to documents obtained by the outlet.

    She found it was “too wet for the fire to start,” so she downed the water that she thought was animal urine and continued on her way, the report said.

    And the solution to this is to drop standardized testing and admission standards in American Universities. She, no doubt is one of the 97% of scientists…

  9. Greg in NZ says:

    Two feral green nutcases were (finally) arrested in 2019 for setting alight a forestry block near Nelson, NZ, after months of media wailing and shouting that ‘climate change is here and now!’

    After their arrest, and a free ride to the loony bin, the matter was dropped and the next scare campaign began: Floods Decimate Fire-Ravaged Forest – Climate Change Is Real!

  10. roaddog says:

    This is climate change.

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