The New Kind Of Water

In 2007, Tim Flannery said climate change makes rain not fill up Australian reservoirs any more.

Landline – 11/02/2007: Interview with Professor Tim Flannery . Australian Broadcasting Corp

In 2009, BOM announced the permanent drought.

This drought may never break

Two years later Australia had “unprecedented biblical floods

Unprecedented, “Biblical” Floods Inundate Australia

Australian floods of 2010 and 2011 caused global sea level to drop | Environment | The Guardian

In other words, the same weather Australia has always had.

04 Jan 1876 – DRY WEATHER. – Trove

Greater Sydney dam levels – WaterNSW

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12 Responses to The New Kind Of Water

  1. Teann Coffee says:

    In Australia, the term “It’s flannerying” is in use to describe any rainfall now!

  2. Greg in NZ says:

    When the *profits* cry “Drought!”,
    be prepared for FLOODS.

    Australia’s BoM have issued heavy rain warnings for eastern and south-eastern Aus, the exact places Flim-flam* prophesied would ne’er see flooding rains again. Plus SNOW is forecast for the next 3-4 days along the ranges accompanied by below-freezing temperatures.

    O, how the mighty have fallen! Just be-LIE-ve…

  3. Peter Carroll says:

    Professor Flim Flannery is a standing joke here in Australia. The only people who take him seriously any more are the ABC, (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) the government run public broadcaster, which runs the “Landline” program.
    They also like to feature Michael Mann and his junk science whenever possible. The ABC has become the mouthpiece for climate change fanatics in Australia, along with the newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    He said last Sunday he’s vindicated!

    Maybe it’s vino decanted though, as I can’t see anything he’s been right about in fifteen years.

  5. RexAlan says:

    Greater Sydney dam levels today Thursday 14th October. Warragamba Dam is by far the largest holding 2,027,000 ML when full. It is currently 96.5% full.

    • David G says:

      And last year, as I recall, the rains caused overflow of that dam with massive floods covering north west Sydney and surrounding areas.

  6. Forty years of corruption has led to a plethora of incompetent and useless ‘scientists’ of seriously questionable integrity, who sadly dominate the debate. Awarding a PhD to an idiot merely converts a fool into an insufferable prig.

    Excellence, is a historical term, together with honesty. The interested observer has no option but to go back to first principles and derive the governing equations for themselves. All you need is any standard thermodynamics text book, which has been in use in universities for fifty years or longer, to show that the ‘authoritative’ academics are talking drivel.

  7. Iggie says:

    Only three years after he said that, 2010 and 2011 were the two wettest years on record in Australia since 1900.
    1990-91. Floods
    2000-01. Floods
    2010- 11. Floods.
    2020-21. What do you reckon?

  8. I want to put him in jail for all the harm he has done to the Australian economy. If I as an engineer build a bridge that falls down and causes loss and injury, I’m before the courts. Flannery should face the same fate and then be locked up for the rest of his natural (or unnatural) life.

    The man has been wrong over and over again and yet he is still breathing.

    • Greg in NZ says:

      NZ climate modeller, so-called Professor Shaun Hendy, failed so badly at his job he now identifies as a conjob modeller, and yes, he’s still sh!te at that too.

      Initially ‘calculating’ 80,000 deaths from Conjob-19, he then downsized to 5,000 per month. Reality: 27 deaths over 18 months and all were old with comorbidities. Yet another crook that deserves to be behind bars for life.

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