1921 : “Esquimos Threw Away Their Furs”

One hundred years ago the world was experiencing a record heatwave and drought which has since been erased by government agencies. Read more here : https://realclimatescience.com/2021/11/the-drought-of-1921/

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  1. GWS says:

    Great video, again, Tony! Keep it up!

  2. Stuart Hamish says:

    .What was so unique about the ‘Early Twentieth Century Warming ” in the Arctic Tony was the convergence of the AMO and the Pacific MultiDecadal Oscillation [ PMO ] positive phases and thus warmer northern hemisphere ocean SST’s from the 1920’s to the 1940’s ..There was also a relative dormancy in the eruptions of high sulphate volcanoes between Katmai 1912 and Mount Agung 1963 …[ See Figure 4 and associated text ‘ The Early 20th Century Warming : Anomalies , Causes and Consequences , Hegerl et al , 2018 Wiley , Wires Climate Change ].. And of course there was an extraordinary burst of solar activity in the year 1921 notably the May 13 -15 solar storm that fried telegraph wires , ignited fires and created shimmering auroral displays . If you look at the GISP2 ice core particulate record the section of ice corresponding to the years 1920 -22 comprise the standout anomaly in the 1300 year chronology suggesting the western Arctic was warm with a lot of terrain exposed by ice loss . The chronicled conditions and scientific data do not match the fraudulent temperature adjustments of NASA and NOAA thats for sure. The abnormal heat and long spells of dry weather in England were thought to have influenced the tenor and imagery of T.S Eliot’s magisterial poem ‘ The Wasteland’ just as Tambora inspired the blazing skies of Turners paintings.

  3. Lynn Comstock says:

    Too bad that the children’s story of “Chicken Little” has been replaced by Sponge Bob et cetera. The foxes are in charge of NASA data and the “Sky is falling.” Oh dear! The wisdom of old has been replaced with foolishness.

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