Banned From Twitter And YouTube

People on Twitter and YouTube are wondering where I am.  I was locked out of both accounts for posting a paper presented at the recent American Heart Association meeting, and a direct quote and table from the UK government.

You can find me posting on much better platforms :

Tony Heller (@TonyHeller) / Gab Social
Tony Heller – NewTube 
Tony Heller – Odysee
Tony Heller – Super U
tonyheller – Rumble
tonyheller – BitChute

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16 Responses to Banned From Twitter And YouTube

  1. Anon says:

    Unf_cking real !!! After ~10 years on those platforms !!!

    FYI: Glen Greenwald had a similar problem. He ended up migrating to Rumble, but before they outright banned him, he saw it coming and posted a “platform transitioning video” that explained to his viewers what was happening and where he could be located in the future. As soon as I saw that, I switched over to his Rumble channel, as I assume did a lot of his regular viewers. That way he kept his viewership losses to a minimum.

  2. Rah says:

    Am I really missing something by only subscribing here to get what you produce Tony?

  3. Daniel Zielinski says:

    Jesus Christ already. Is this a permanent ban??

  4. Paddy Mc collum says:

    The truth hurts the enemy. We must never give up, these are the days of days, our children and grandchildren will ask what did we do in the war. When they ask us that, we will give thanks that our resolution prevailed.

  5. Steve Cooksey says:

    I’ve been happy right here and on NewTube, but I also used YouTube so I could read the comments. I’ll follow Toto where ever he leads me.

    • Chris says:

      The thing is: all those YT alternatives are basically crackpot central, with bizarre conspiracy theories and all sorts of bigotries running rampant. It just doesn’t help your credibility if you end up between those and as the Newtube view counter shows only very few people will end up watching your videos.

      That’s why it was important to keep the YT option open for climate related video’s that are not banned yet rather than run the risk bordering on certainty to get banned publishing a “vaccination kills” video, even if it’s true and an important message to spread.

  6. kaiwanshou says:

    What about Brighteon. tv
    Mike Adams has put $Millions into it!

    “Is it going to rain today?” “I’ll just go look at the sky!” “Hang on, let me check the weather app!”

    I called our national weather forecaster here in Australia; “Do you take Chemtrails and HARRP into consideration when issuing forecast?” Answer “No comment!”

  7. Nicholas says:

    You are doing great and important work Tony! You are an inspiration no doubt about it!
    Have you ever thought of doing merchandise? Caps and shirts and mugs and things with your favorite quotes on them?
    Keep posting on as many platforms as you can to spread the word (rather than relying on one platform) and rebuild your audience over time.

  8. Francis Barnett says:

    The flak is always heaviest over the target. If you’re noticing constant attacks coming at you from all sides, chances are you’re closer to success than you may think. Keep going, you’re almost there Tony!

  9. Paulussen Willem says:

    I live in Belgium and here is no anti-covid speach or text allowed.
    Sweden is almost a forbidden word.
    If I sent links to them from climate sciense …. they ask me to NOT send them nonsens…. without looking at it.
    But… thanks to you Tony I keep hoping the truth overcomes!

  10. Bonnie mou says:

    The truth from any quarter hurts these idiot censors.

  11. Chris says:

    Frankly Tony, bringing critical facts related to Covid like that was always going to get you cancelled you knew that. You should been more pragmatic and have kept a foothold on YT for your climate related stories.

  12. Chris says:

    Tip: make sure that people can find out about your banning (?) from YT on the front page of this site so your 112K YT subscribers have a chance to find out why they are no longer hearing from you without too much hassle and put in a link to the video that got you locked out.

  13. Jessica Pohl says:

    And it’s going to get even worse at Twitter from now on, with Jack Dorsey gone and an anti-white racist in charge.

  14. Chris says:

    YT censorship bots delete all comments that refer to vaccine related cardio vascular problems as well I noticed. You post them, press F5 and they are gone. Pretty alarming that no discussion is allowed regarding something that governments increasingly insist you expose your body to.

    No longer happy on a dystopian platform like that, I’m looking into Rumble now as an alternative, it looks more mainstream/less depressing than other YT alternative like Newtube and Bitchute.

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