Celebrities Demand Climate Action

8:21 AM · Nov 3, 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys World Cup from 482-foot yacht | Page Six

Take a tour around Cher’s incredible property empire | loveproperty.com

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16 Responses to Celebrities Demand Climate Action

  1. GreyGeek says:

    That yacht and those multiple “get away” mansions were paid for by peons making minimum wage who went to their movies. It proves the old adage: you get what you pay for. Will the peons wake up and stop worshiping these clowns? Doubtful.

  2. mwhite says:


    SCHOOL BOARD TROLL: Member Tricked into Saying “Let’s Go Brandon”

  3. arn says:

    A 300 foot yacht need about 600 litres diesel per hour just to run the engine.
    Moving at 20 knots should be 2000.
    The world cup lasted 4 weeks.
    + moving the yacht to brazil forth and back too probably another 2 weeks at 2000 litres per hour.

    That’s probably more diesel .than a truckdriver needs in 40 years .
    And somehow climate caprio had no problems with the 100% anti progressive attitude of the yacht owner.
    I guess mr feminist used the same logic he used when Weinstein and Toback raped the crap out of Hollywood.

    And cher would instantly drop dead if theyd remove all the plastic out of her body that carries her structure..

    I wonder how many hundred illegals live and camp on her territory.
    (and where the hell are the solar panels?)

  4. roaddog says:

    The planet will only survive, if we little people suffer. Such a crock of shit. I noted, with nor surprise, that Prince Charles has jetted all over Europe and the middle east in his private jet in the last several works. His suffering is appreciated.

  5. GW says:

    How about banning Private Jets for starters. Along with 1st class on commercial airliners. Then ban any homes larger than 3500 ft^2. Then ban 2nd homes – only one home per family. Then ban All limousines – no cars with a seating capacity higher than four.

  6. gregole says:

    Clowns, imbeciles.

    Question: What is Climate Change – the Mann Made Kind?

    Sea level rise? Miami is doing fine thank you.
    Polar bears? Plenty of them. Stay away from them. They will hunt you and eat you alive
    Arctic Ice? Plenty of Arctic Ice.
    Crop failure? Harvests are up, hunger is down.
    Storms? Nothing outside of recent historic events. No trend. 12 year hurricane drought after Katrina. No one predicted it that I know of.
    Global warming? Not much. Probably so little it can barely be measured.

    There is no climate crisis. I have no idea what the panic is.

    These alarmist are living in an alternate reality.

    • The belief that human CO2 emissions control the Earth’s temperature is equivalent to imagining you can steer a jumbo jet by farting out of the windows. It is ludicrous nonsense.

  7. kzvx says:

    Cher took swift and decisive action on wrinkle change – doesn’t even look like Cher any more

  8. tom0mason says:

    These privileged celebrities are nothing more than overpaid, virtue signaling, duplicitous ego-maniacs, who are good at playing the child’s game ‘lets pretend’.

    These people believe they acting to ‘saving the planet’ — as if the planet needs them. They all display the worst aspects of a ‘Savior Complex’. Psychologists say ‘Savior Complex’ tendencies can involve fantasies of omnipotence*.
    These Celebrity Communists/Socialists/Liberals are defined by their awful hypocritical, pompous pseudo-moral superiority, their ignorant unquestioning certainty, and their continual egotistical desire to keep virtue signal.

    • Maiane santo santos says:

      Good points, and without sounding malicious after the young lady lost her life at the hands of one of the biggest hooeywierd jerks baldwin, look at their manner of anti gun crap they bring about the 2nd but the shooting body count of their movies and the hypocrisy always spewed.

  9. Louis Gatto says:

    My fault, I used to equate good acting -with intelligence, oh boy was I off by a mile in most cases. I would have added good singing to this rant…. but.


    ROAD DOG I’m thinking THE MANN MADE GLOBAL WARMING CROWD thinks the planet won’t be healed until most of us are DEAD, let alone suffering.

  11. Maiane santo santos says:

    Fucking piano playing useless assholes, do as I say bullshit is all that streams like diarrhea from their useless mouths.
    And the fuckwad politicians traipsing all over hells half acre sucking up fuel screaming for a carbon tax .
    And this greta kid thinking her rudeness and travelling all over preaching is gonna do anything to the climate problem when china, india and russia are the largest polluters, but don’t try to let troogrope or bidet know that, screw over their own populace first.
    There is more of a problem with population expansion that nobody wants to reel in also.

  12. Maiane santo santos says:

    And one more thought went through my old mind, all the belt tightening and changes the fucktard politicians want us to do, all the celebrities wanting us to revamp our lifestyles, why wasn’t the last cop26 meet and whine not done virtually?
    That question strikes a nerve when I enjoy writing to my piece of shit libtard party and its piece of crap leader, troogrope.

  13. Maiane santo santos says:

    Real climate science and celebrities doesn’t click together, climate science is a plan to help the earth, celebrities think one way and that’s for themselves.

  14. James says:

    America’s modern day jesters.

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