COP-26 News Day One

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  1. Geoff Sherrington says:

    Here is the current official Maximum daily temperature chart for MILDURA, Victoria.
    From the BOM Climate Data Online web sit, year 1906.
    Day in January, then degrees C Tmax.
    1st 35
    2nd 31.1
    3rd 40.6
    4th 45.6
    5th 47.2
    6th 50.1
    7th 50.7
    8th 44.4
    9th 33.3
    10th 35.6
    11th 41.1
    12th 28.9
    13th 29.4
    14th 32.8
    15th 36.1
    16th 41.1
    17th 37.2
    18th 36.1
    19th 41.1
    20th 47.8
    21st 37.8
    22nd 32.2
    23rd 40.6
    24th 49.4
    25th 33.3
    26th 31.7
    27th 32.8
    28th 37.8
    29th 43.3
    30th 41.1
    31st 44.4
    Geoff S

    • Conrad Ziefle says:

      So it is clear that they were double counting the really hot days. I mean, would you ever believe that a 50.1 day would be followed by a 50.7 day? That clearly isn’t right. We have to average these temperatures downward.

  2. rah says:

    This is OT but it has me curious. The NHC is now classifying the Nor’easter that hit the NE coast of the US last week as a TS and have named it Wanda! How can a storm that was previously classified as non tropical turn tropical when it is as close to the Arctic Circle as it is to the equator? Sure it formed an eye for a time but there have been storms in the Arctic and over land the that have done that also.

    Seems like desperation to me. The number of named storms is not a scientific metric but it’s all they have to hype this season. Never mind that 15 years ago the average ACE rating for a named storm was 8 and now it’s about 5.2 because they are naming storms these days that would not have been named years ago.

  3. One Smart Fellow says:

    Wonderful video – but I don’t think for a moment that the COP-26 attendees are ignorant or suffering from short memories. Everything they’re doing is part of a long-term plan to make the mass of people willingly give up their rights.

    The drive to authoritarianism took root decades ago in western nations, with every institution having been infiltrated by KGB operatives. This is no “conspiracy theory” – search Youtube for the full-length version of the Yuri Bezmenov interview. You must be aware of the Club of Rome’s agenda and the many statements by the world’s wealthiest and most influential people regarding world government, depopulation and the “need” for a crisis in order to achieve their goals. they haven’t been a bit shy about revealing their agenda, so why should we call it a theory?

    I think we’re long past the time where we merely mock these people or point out their lies and gross errors. We are entering the phase where we need to oppose them directly, but it may already be much too late given how many genuinely ignorant people believe their endless doom prognostications. I fear for the future my son will have to live in.

  4. rah says:

    Don’t apologize Toto! When he’s asleep he’s not spewing communist idiocy’s and we all certainly need a break from that!

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I think we need to form an underground group, the members of which are interested in understanding the natural world by observing and measuring and then applying human intellect to the data to attempt to understand that the universe functions. We will have to keep quiet in this day of superstition, but we could carefully recruit younger folks of intellect, who can keep our effort going until the day comes that the general population is more amenable to logic and reason. I think we could call ourselves the natural philosophers.”

    • One Smart Fellow says:

      @Conrad Ziefle – I’m in! There’s also this fellow Robert Hooke who might be interested, I’ll ask him next time I see him in the coffee house.

  6. tom0mason says:

    GBNews with Neil Oliver about the unfair COP26 —

  7. One Smart Fellow says:

    Neil Oliver isn’t afraid to speak the truth, and neither should anyone be – yet. We’re getting there, people lose their jobs and are even assaulted for doing so, but there’s still time to be heard. If all of us could convince just one other person of the truth, at least we can rest easy knowing we tried.

    Living in a world of lies is harmful to our mental health, and you can see it in all the children who are depressed because of the climate narrative. What possible use could there be for “educators” to tell children they are racist, that they are destroying the planet, that their countries are founded on oppression, if not to crush their spirit and make them ripe for serfdom?

    This is evil on a grand scale. This is “1984” coming to pass. Fight it.

  8. Jack says:

    Just a sample above of the climate change propaganda or bunk out there 😳😄.
    Obviously aimed at those that like a low resolution analysis, but worth looking at to see what is bandied being about recently.

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