Drowning Credibility Of Climate Alarmists

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  1. Luigi says:

    Dear Tony,
    High water in Venice is a constant problem since ever (the first time I have heard about it was end of the 70es, when I was very young). Nothing new, nothing unexpected. It is a daily problem for the inhabitants of the city.
    The Italian government has spent 7 billion € on a project called MOSE, a retractable dam for protecting Venice from high water. The project started in the late 80es. It has been completed and tested in 2017-2020.


    It does not work.
    It has flawed construction leading to very high maintenance costs (estimated is 100mln every year !!!!): because the retracting elements are immersed in water, they need exceptional maintenance to keep working. I think this was done on purpose, in order to steal public money: I can’t believe that an engineer does not know that salty water is the death of any mechanical part.

    In The Netherland there is a similar project (Maeslantkering see link below), but the Dutch have been so wise to retract the dam on dry land in order to save it from water induced damages.


    But this is Italy, the land of the European banker that thinks that negative interest rates will force people to spend their life’s savings instead of putting them under the bed (guess now what people are doing? buying gold, or even taking money from accounts and putting them in safe box in order not to pay the negative interests :-) all but surely not spending the money).

    I mean, there’s a proverb: with such friends we do not need foes.


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