New York Times – Chicago To Drown

9:26 AM · Jul 8, 2021

Great Lakes water levels are close to the century average.

Great Lakes Dashboard – HTML5

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6 Responses to New York Times – Chicago To Drown

  1. GreyGeek says:

    Looks like the Great Lakes has been in that “uncharted” territory at least 6 other times.
    These “reporters” never validate their stories and because of that their “reports” are just stories.

    • GreyGeek says:

      I looked at your July 8th Twitter post DESTROYING Hanna’s propaganda piece. That is why Twitter banned you Tony. They can’t allow the facts you present to destroy their narrative.

  2. Bob Hoye says:

    Under “Global Warming” the threat to the Great Lakes was their becoming “Lesser”.
    All that heat and drought, dontcha know, would evaporate them.
    But under the hysteria of “Climate Change” the threat is that the Great Lakes will become “Greater”.
    The “Madness of Crowds”.

  3. gregole says:

    Amazing how such blatant fraud makes it into print. Shameless liars.

  4. John L Kelly says:

    Get used to this warming,…..while you can. We are on the verge of another cooling phase, as the planet slowly heads to yet one more cold spell. Remember, we are currently in a 2.58 million year ice age, called the Pleistocene.
    Enjoy all the warmth while you can, because it is going to get colder……soon.

  5. Peter says:

    “patterns of rain, snowfall and evaporation are transformed by the warming world”

    Indeed a warming world could definitely lead to more evaporation. However, won’t more evaporation lead to a lower water level?

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