Oceans Dead And US Out Of Water By 1979

28 Jul 1971 – THE ROAD TO EXTINCTION – Trove

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9 Responses to Oceans Dead And US Out Of Water By 1979

  1. gregole says:

    If only we would have listened…
    Oh. He was wrong about everything.
    Never mind.

  2. Thomas Fowler says:

    The nice thing about people like Erlich, Al Gore, Mann, and others is that if you just assume the opposite of what they say, you’ll be right nearly all the time.

  3. Dick Merrill says:

    Even lake Erie is not dead yet, in fact is doing well. If he only wanted to live to be 67 I guess he will check out soon.

  4. Linda says:

    The problem is that most people don’t remember what was said in the past, it’s like the plandemic, they don’t even remember what was said last week, just – “he’s a scientist, he must be right, obey or we’ll all die”.

  5. BanjoPatterson says:

    Always follow the science…

  6. John says:

    I really don’t understand how he and his wife can be called scientists. My cat could make better predictions.

  7. dm says:

    Almost 50 yrs later, Ehrlich remains “alarmed”, but he is not yet self-aware (of his foolishness).

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