Update From Twitter

But my account is still there and I can tweet this morning.

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14 Responses to Update From Twitter

  1. R Taylor says:

    Telegram (with its new ability for livestreams) is a good non-State social media friendly app. The network of groups has grown exponentially recently.

  2. kzvx says:

    I don’t care about twitter and you shouldn’t either. Get active on Gettr, it’s growing fast

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    I never liked Tweaker, even before it started channelling Rasputin.

  4. Ilma says:

    I’m still suspended from tw@tter ‘pending an appeal’, which has been for several weeks now. They suspended me for questioning someone who made a claim from a report about covid that was not present in the report. Guess which way the claim was, govt rhetoric or sceptic?

  5. Louis Gatto says:

    With all due respect to everyone who uses Twitter… I always thought to myself that…
    Twitter is for Twits.

    I mean it’s right there in the name -for crying out loud.

  6. Mikey0 says:

    Twits-R-Us is just a censorship tool of the US government. Better off without them.

  7. Mahatmat says:

    As long as humans still speak their true opinions regardless of what they believe their neigbhours think, there is hope for humanity.

  8. toorightmate says:

    Puts you in the same crowd as Donny Trump ,another Twitter transgressor.
    I am surprised Sleepy Joe has not legislated the death penalty for transgressors identified by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all those other social media platforms which now seem to rule the Western World.
    Xi and Vlad must get a big kick out of this horseshit.

  9. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Elon said yesterday he mostly does Twitter on the “porcelain throne”.
    Which seems appropriate.

  10. Jake Sinclair says:

    Gotta love twitter’s Brown Shirt Brigade

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