World Spinning Out Of Kilter

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  1. Stuart Hamish says:

    Arctic boreal forest fires are by no means ‘unprecedented ‘ in the age of global warming hysteria . Tony , if you look at the satellite data for the number of fires in Siberia and the Russian Far East extending to 2019 , there is a declining or at least stable trend in the dataset with high peaks in the hot years 2003 and 2012 [ See the BBC report : ‘ Forest Fires : Are they worse than in previous years? ,19 September ,2019 ] . There is a notable fire indice dated to 1973 in the NEEM ice core synchronous with the heatwaves and harsh droughts that affected Russia in 1972 during the global cooling climate scare .There must be newspaper archives of the 73 fires

    Looking back further in time , the Belukha ice core Siberian forest fire reconstruction [ p 1911 ] composed of the Eichler et al sequence [ purple ] spliced on to the Levoglucosan pyrogenic proxy series , shows Siberian fire peaks in the Medieval Optimum centuries and the Little Ice Age 1550 – 1700 mirroring the paleo -fire history of North America in the Middle Ages .

    ” The NEEM levoglucosan centennial -scale maximum [ 1500 -1700 CE Fig.3a ] , the highest of the past two millennia ,coincides with data from the Belukha ice core ,Siberia …that documents a period of increased fire activity between 1550 and 1700 CE within which 1600 – 1680 CE [ the cold depths of the LIA ] recorded the highest forest fire activity from the last 750 years [ Fig 3d ] . High fire activity between 1500 and 1600 CE was also inferred from formate and ammonium analyses when ‘high frequency and low intensity of fires ‘ were synchronous with dry climate conditions [ Savarino and Legrand ,1998 ] ”
    ‘ Fire in Ice : two millennia of boreal forest fire history from the Greenland NEEM ice core , Zennaro , McConnell et al , Climate of the Past , 10 , 2014 [ This research paper contains some useful graphs Tony . As does the BBC article ]

    Clearly Siberian tundra and Arctic fires – or indeed any wildfires – have nothing to do with atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

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