1912 : Melting Glaciers

“It appears that, save over a small area, the glaciers of the world are retreating to the mountains. The Arapahoe glacier in the Rockies has been melting at a rapid rate for several years. The glacier on Mount Sarmiento in South America. ; which descended into the sea during the last century, is now separated from the shore by a vigorous growth of timber The Jacobshaven glacier in Greenland hat* retreated four miles since the year 1860, and the East glacier in Spitzbergen is more than a mile away from its old terminal moraine. In Scandinavia the s:now line is farther up the mountains, and the glaciers have withdrawn 3,000 feet from the lowlands in a century In the Eastern Alps and one or two other small districts the glaciers are growing.”

Sausalito News 30 November 1912 — California Digital Newspaper Collection

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