Biden Climate Justice

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7 Responses to Biden Climate Justice

  1. GWS says:

    Stopping farming? Maybe we should just stop eating. Next, they will be telling us how to off-ourselves in order to save the planet. — You first!

    • Reba says:

      (((they))) already have. they’ve told the old that you’ve already had a long life. time to go… un ad.

    • Adam says:

      Here in the UK we have already started the path of stopping farming.
      Now farmers are offered money to not grow in a scheme called ‘Re Wilding’, turning the farmland back into woodland & meadows, or concreting over for more housing.

      This is johnsons’ path to Net Zero! Stop all manufacturing and industry and import everything.

      Not all doom & gloom tho. One thing we do grow is Rape. Fields & fields of it.
      We’ll all go hungry due to food shortages but we will be swimming in vegetable oil!!!

    • Robert Cheeseman says:

      As Saul Alinsky, Hillary and Obama mentor id, Never let a tragedy go to waste. Even a perceived tragedy made up! What sheep!

  2. Charles Whitaker says:

    As Professor Koonin stated in his wonderful book: “Unsettled”

    The role of science is to inform, not persuade. So, anyone reading an article should ask themselves: Is this information I am now reading trying to persuade me or is it only trying to inform me about this issue?

    I am sure most information you read regarding climate change is trying to persuade instead of informing the reader. Thus, one should be very critical and ask what has been omitted?

  3. Mike Smith says:

    Now there is a hockey stick!

  4. Works4Me says:

    Well so much for food. We are not planting in California USA due to water shortages. Then there are the Food Processing Plants Fires. Start a garden but don’t get caught.

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