Climate Justice

Climate justice means billionaires flying private jets and getting richer, as the poor and middle class struggle to survive.

“Families struggling to cope with energy bills are seeking shelter in McDonald’s, with one charity saying hard-pressed parents and children are spending their evenings in the fast food restaurants, relying on the facilities as an emergency kitchen, bathroom and living room.”

Energy bills: struggling families forced to ‘seek refuge in McDonald’s’ | Cost of living crisis | The Guardian

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22 Responses to Climate Justice

  1. arn says:

    The build back works better than expected.

    Wonder where al the money is going?

  2. Sean Galbally says:

    Man made carbon dioxide cannot cause global warming. 90% of greenhouse gases consist of clouds and water vapour. 0.04% consist of carbon dioxide which is saturated anyway and cannot absorb more heat. The Net Zero Policy is an invention of the alarmists to gain control of everybody’s lives. Cop 26 is a con to get governments to make it policy. It is needlessly making the poor poorer. We need to keep using and storing our fossil fuels, with clean emissions, until we have developed a good alternative energy source. Carbon dioxide is a good gas essential to life and crops. The climate is primarily affected by the sun, not man.

    • Sean they must be really disappointed that we did not think moving to Mars was a good idea…did you notice a new 7 Satellite launch yesterday? We can use them for data check by law….also we all believe in UFOs including the worst Unidentified Fear Opportunists
      Remember when BLM meant the Bureau Of Land Management ????

    • Ilma630 says:

      CO2 cannot absorb and retain ‘heat’, which is the unstated assertion. This is the whole basis of believing Net Zero is somehow necessary. It isn’t, and as has been pointed out so many times, the UK’s contribution of CO2 is 0.04% (total CO2) * ~3% (man’s contribution) * 1% (UK contribution). If Rishi & co. cannot do (will not do?) the maths, then heaven help us.

    • 100% . Amazing that 97% of scientists sign on to these falsehoods. Of course, only 1% are climatologists. I reccomend WHY BIG OIL CONQUERED THE WORLD James Corbett
      Corbett report. com .It explains where the global warming thesis comes from.

    • Stephen Kerns says:

      Truer words were never spoken.

  3. Richard Reeves says:

    It seems to me there should be a big shout out for McDonald’s and perhaps even Boris Johnson should consider subsidizing McDonald’s to help them provide food for people that show up there to hang out or to keep warm.

    • Vegieman says:

      Where I live, McDonalds has closed the dining area and has drive-thru only. I have noticed that they have a pretty nice dumpster garage out back.

  4. Ilma630 says:

    Rishi Sunak’s speech about ‘more innovation, etc.’ was simply insulting! If he and the PM cannot understand that it’s their Net Zero policies that are causing the cost-of-living crisis, they do not deserve to be in office. It’s on THEIR doormat, no one else’s.

  5. Jessica says:

    Wait for it, it’s coming: let them eat bugs: the Big Bug Mac.

  6. JohnNewton says:

    The Guardian tends to come up with these ridiculous stories. I doubt there’s any truth in it. Anyone who eats in McDonalds while claiming to not be able to heat their home needs to get their priorities right.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      When your ‘govt’ closes Coal fired power plants and installs windmills and Solar Panels in a cloudy country…expect loss of power and more money poured into the ‘problem’ that the govt caused in the first place.
      I live in Kentucky on 75 acres and we use wood to heat, cook if needed (we have coal fired power plants with NATGAS backup power plants).
      Oh we pay $0.11 per KWH … I LOVE KY!
      We grow our crops – taters, maters, green peppers, onions – green eating and yellow – herbs, sunflowers, Hickory King corn – pick early for Humans, late for animals -, bush beans (KY wonder), pot…just kidding (it grows wild around here!), strawberries, grapes – Concord and White Seedless (My Wine Grapes!!!) – thornless Blackberries (we have wild Blackberries EVERYWHERE), wild Mulberry trees for eating and preserve – best jelly in the WORLD!!! – chickens (NO! Not planted!), eggs from chickens (8-12 a day…big brown, delicious BIGLY wonderful Egszzzz), Ringneck Pheasant, Guinea (Best dark meat [the whole bird!] in the bird world), Rabbits for meat and fur, getting another Goat for Milk, meat (extra Buck Kids not needed), Ducks, Geese…OH I forgot!!!
      We can take 6 Bambi a year with no permit (land owner), wild Turkey, and any other critter that needs culling. Ground Hog BBQ is awesome! And…ARM up now.

  7. GreyGeek says:

    The real purpose for creating this needless “emergency” in America is so that the Democrats can use it to declare a “national emergency” and activate the Continuation Of Government (COG) laws, declaring martial law, suspending the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights, and establishing a “set of rules” (i.e., a Manifesto) by which to govern. Elections suspended, the person feeding Biden’s teleprompter will remain as the defacto President for the foreseeable future. Maybe for life. That’s how Marxist dictators work.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      1 little problem with the ‘suspension of the US Constitution and B of R’…They are absolute and we have Inherent Rights so no Man/Politician can ‘take’ our God/Nature given Rights away from America Citizens
      The ‘city folk’ will bow down.
      The Rural Folk will be that THORN in their side…and WE rural folk are more heavily armed than the Politicians and their ‘police forces’.
      Bad move on there part if ya know what I mean.

  8. Adam says:

    Just a pointer, last week we had MSM shouting from the rooftops about a woman riding the bus all day to keep warm.
    Turned out it was a hoax from a labour activist.

    But Gov’t makes ‘net zero’ sound so good. The reality is 400ppm of CO2 is natural so the net zero only applies to the other 15parts per Million.

    And all the whiles we are bringing in more migrants by the day stretching an already over-burdened infrastructure, housing, utilities, nhs, schools etc.
    The real truth is we will never reached net zero as our renewables simply cannot feed our grid with the power needed. And with ev’s being promoted, there will be a lot of families, having put themselves in hock for their climate saving electric car, only to find they cannot drive it as there’s not enough electricty to charge

  9. czechlist says:

    Dr Zivago should be required reading – or at least the movie.
    Lenin intentionally made life as miserable as possible just as the current “ruling party” is doing. They want the citizens angry and blaming the wrong people – capitalists and their conservative opposition.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      1984, All my sins Forgiven, Animal Farm and many more need to be REQUIRED reading for all students Grade 5-12. I read them at age 9-12 and I see Humans for what they are…dangerous when given a LITTLE power over others…see Biden.
      AND History is cyclical – bad times followed by better times followed by worse times.
      Dark age, Enlightened Age…and each Dark Age gets much more destructive as technology advances.
      And the coming Dark Age will be short and Nuclear/Biological warfare…think Wuhan and Putin.

  10. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    They are shutting it all down. All of it.
    My God………

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