Decline In Hot Days At Cedarville, California

Cedarville, California has had 283 days over 100F since 1895. Almost three fourths of those hot days occurred more than sixty years ago. The hottest temperatures have also declined since 1933 when Cedarville reached 111F.


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5 Responses to Decline In Hot Days At Cedarville, California

  1. Bill says:

    And yet this past few years have been the HOTTEST years ever. Not the warmest years, where “warmest” is some sort of contrived statistic about nighttime temperatures near airports or big cities. No, they’re the HOTTEST years.

    HOT is not a neutral word. HOT is the word your parents used to warn you not to harm yourself. “Don’t touch that pan – it’s HOT! You’ll burn yourself!” “Don’t touch that wood-burning stove in the living room – it’s really HOT! You’ll wind up with permanent scars!”

    The use of the word “hot” in headlines and news stories is meant to revive your childhood fears, and transfer those fears to some sort of future weather catastrophe. Don’t fall for it!

    • Steve Cooksey says:

      Great point.

    • D. Boss says:

      Bill makes a good point. The media is more interested in generating fear than reporting news accurately. This is their normal operating mode and recently did the same thing by sensationalizing something and generating fear that was unwarranted in the flying public: (Virgin Airbus A330 Return due UNTRAINED PILOT?!)

      The fact is, Virgin recalled the plane not because the First Officer was “untrained”. He passed all certification requirements and was legal to fly. Virgin as almost all other airlines have requirements above and beyond the legal certification requirements for a safety margin higher than the legal standards. And the scheduling people accidentally put this First Officer with a Captain who was not certified as a line training Captain.

      All of this is completely voluntary extra training, and not a legal requirement. Here for US carriers it is referred to as AQP or Advanced Qualification Program:

      “AQP is a voluntary, alternative method for qualifying, training, and certifying crewmembers and operations personnel”

      So the pilot was certified to fly, but hadn’t completed Virgin’s internal, voluntary (meaning not a requirement for his licensing or certification) AQP. And the Captain, was not an AQP line training officer. But the media headlines only insinuated that the FO was not legal to fly – trying to use fear to sell news media…

      My point is that Bill’s lament is not limited to the Climate Cult Fraud, but is done everywhere to anything they can – using fear as their marketing tool.

  2. rain coast says:

    Nice to see you back on you tube, i agree with your reason for leaving but unfortunately they have such a huge reach.

  3. Lynne Balzer says:

    Awesome! This is what your graphing program can do. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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