Mad Dogs And Englishmen

NBC News wants people to believe heat in India is something new, and caused by people in western countries burning fossil fuels.

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9 Responses to Mad Dogs And Englishmen

  1. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Just wait until the next big thing (like monkey pox) forces democrats to use drop boxes in November.
    The “red wave” isn’t going to happen unless conservatives go on the offense.

  2. Eli the Pit Bull says:

    Wait….Biden has turned the US into a third world country and we’re now having 38,000 pounds of baby food shipped in from other countries.

  3. TBeholder says:

    Well, back in ⅩⅨ century there was only “Asian Solar Myth”, according to the same types. :]

  4. Jimd1958 says:

    So the lefties can’t kill infants in the womb, so let’s starve them post partum.

  5. Louis Gatto says:

    WE NOW need to be Very Aware of Monkey Heat… i.e., the hot air coming from these fool’s mouths.

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