Insurrection By The Democrats

By their own definition, Democrats are engaging in insurrection against the US government.

9:07 AM · Jun 24, 2022

6:07 PM · Jun 24, 2022

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4 Responses to Insurrection By The Democrats

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Trump with DeSantis for rally in July.
    Can you imagine the meltdowns by the left if Trump/DeSantis became a reality, followed by 8 more years of DeSantis with say maybe Josh Hawley 😂😂😂

    • spren says:

      Either Trump or DeSantis would have to move and become registered in another state for that to happen. You can’t have a party ticket with two people from the same state.

  2. Disillusioned says:

    Harrison doesn’t consider the child. At all.

  3. D. Boss says:

    Not only is it utter hypocrisy to have officials foment insurrection, such as Schumer and Maxine Waters – but these same malcontents who shout “my body, my choice” all gladly forced countless people to take the experimental clot shot under threat of job loss, and other draconian measures!

    You know, on second thought – let all the libtards have their 27 genders, and turn all into gays or trans – let them have all the abortions they want – so they as a group can commit self extinction due to not having children…. Just disallow their idea pathogens in the rest of the sane country and let them all have their utopia in a few states for about 1.5 generations until there are non remaining.

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