The Day The Science Died

NASA’s James Hansen started the global warming scare before Congress on June 23, 1988. It was the hottest June 23 on record, and was an outlier from the eighty year cooling trend.

“On Thursday (June 23, 1988) Hansen became the first climatologist to declare publicly that a major culprit in this year’s warmth is the greenhouse effect, a kind of atmospheric warm blanket made thicker by gases that billow up unnoticed from wherever human beings live and work.

By doing everyday things like driving cars and clearing forests, people send up carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases” that stay aloft for decades, Like the walls of a greenhouse — or the windows of a closed car in summer — these gases allow sunlight in to warm the Earth, but trap much of the resulting heat before it can rebound back into space”

26 Jun 1988, Page 9 – Great Falls Tribune at

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