Arizona Megadrought

Flagstaff, AZ 10-Day Weather Forecast | Weather Underground

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3 Responses to Arizona Megadrought

  1. arn says:

    If you think climate science is crazy
    then you should take a look at Berkley

    100 seconds lunacy from a law professor

    (it is also interessting that simple questions “opens up trans people to violece”
    while this person is from that minority that is responsible for 90% of all trans killings.
    Words seem to be worse than real crimes of the worst kind)

  2. Romeo Rachi says:

    So far this year, I would say that our monsoon started a little early and has been average since. Some places have had above average rain while others below. Started getting rain the middle of June over the high country and even here in Phoenix before the month was out. So a good start if you ask me.
    However, not sure if it will continue. Forecast for El Nino is to stay neutral to slightly La Nina heading into early fall. That doesn’t bode well for a strong monsoon. Fingers crossed that we stay wet for the duration of our monsoon season which lasts into early September. We need the rain.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Here in SC KY we went 25 days without rain and than…in just 14 days we got 2-3+ inches. And we have downpours every day now.
      Mud + Mud + MUD + MUD FROM HELL…we live on a Farm…want some MUD?!!!?

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