France Turns Off The Lights

Building back better in France.

“French President Emmanuel Macron listens to explanations as he visits the STMicroelectronics (STM) company in Crolles, southeastern France, Tuesday July 12, 2022.”

Macron urges French to turn off lights and brace for Russian gas cut

Not quite as convincing as Michael Dukakis in 1988.

In 1998 I managed a project for ST Microelectronics and visited their Meylan site, a few km away from Crolles. Grenoble is famous for pizza and Jaune Claude Killy winning all three Olympic skiing events in 1968.

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2 Responses to France Turns Off The Lights

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    And Michael DoTaxUs hasn’t been heard from since.
    Now to do the same with democrats and rinos

  2. Francis Barnett says:

    Normally the French nuclear reactor “fleet” of 56 reactors can cope with providing all the power France needs and then some left over to sell to Germany, Switzerland ,UK etc etc. There is also some hydro electric and minimal gas, oil and coal – and of course the unreliables – windmills and solar.

    Last year cracks were found in the pipes of one reactor’s reactor core primary cooling loop which prompted and close examination of other reactors which has resulted in about half of them taken off line.

    You are talking about here about a closed pressurised cooling system running at about 155 bar ( 2250 psi) pressure and 325 degree C ( 575 deg F) circulating 6.6 million us gallons per hour of water coolant – that’s the scale of the engineering.

    There is an ongoing program of replacement of the faulty pipe work to get the reactors back on line before this winter – you can imagine the difficulty and safety of that job working with irradiated water and steel.

    So Macron’s pleas to turn the lights off and reduce consumption is pretty sensible, I don’t have a problem with his stated policy of building more nukes to replace ageing reactors, at least he understands that France cannot be powered by windmills and solar panels. Hopefully his successor will continue this program.

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