Ice Loss Since 1995

July 13 Arctic sea ice extent is almost identical to the same date in 1995.

1995                     2022

The 1990 and 1995 IPCC reports showed no ice loss from 1972-1995, but the 1995 IPCC report massively altered the data to show a decline.

“The American Navy Joint Ice Center has produced weekly charts which have been digitised by NOAA …..  Since about 1976 the areal extent of sea-ice in the Northern Hemisphere has varied about a constant climatological level but in 1972-1975 sea-ice extent was significantly less.

1990 IPCC Report

1995 IPCC Report


2001 IPCC Report

Now they hide all the data before 1979.


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4 Responses to Ice Loss Since 1995

  1. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    Funny you should mention hidden data. I was having a conversation with a lady at the gas pump this morning about imaginary climate change, or shall I say I was preaching to her about how dishonest the climate pushers are, and how they like to hide the data. Then, when she was done and the total sale was over $100, she did some preaching of her own.”let’s go Brandon”😂

  2. Dennis Smits says:

    Today ice extent is identical to 2006, not 1995:

    “July 13 Arctic sea ice extent is almost identical to the same date in 1995.”

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