27th Pretend Climate Conference

About 90 heads of state confirmed for COP27 climate summit

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

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17 Responses to 27th Pretend Climate Conference

  1. Ivan Wainwright says:

    More of the blind leading the blind.
    As regards ‘green’ hydrogen, it takes 9 litres, (kilograms), of clean water and a large amount of electrical energy to produce one kg of hydrogen. The process is 80% energy efficient, i.e. you only get 80% of the energy back from what you put in. Only politicians and academics could believe that this is the way forward.

    • Presumably the hydrogen is then burned in a heat engine having a thermal efficiency of about 30% on a good day, so from work done to produce the electricity to useful work out, we are closer to 24% efficiency. Assuming a solar cell efficiency of about 5%, about 200 square metres of solar cells would just about power a moderate size family car for an hour.

  2. RexAlan says:

    I can see that the climate treaties have very been very successful “not” at stopping the rise of CO2. This has to be a very stupid game which will cost everyone on the planet dearly.

  3. Michael+Abbott says:

    I thought that the COP26 was billed as being the last chance to save the planet. Is this another last chance?

    When we get round to COP30 people might just realise that they are being duped or will they believe that COP30 is the last, last chance to save the planet.

  4. arn says:

    So they travel from all around the world by plane
    to meet at a luxury resort in Egypt (one of those “springs” countries who will eventually end up with a gobalist agenda)
    a country controlled by military commander Sisilensky after a coup who replaced the guy of the first coup because he didn’t follow the script.

    And they don’t meet somewhere in the north where the climate crisis is at least bearable but in a superhot desert country.
    Seems climate has changed so little that noone of these guy has changed their habits.
    Use your plane,meet during autumn in traditionally warm countries in super luxury windmill free resorts (= take Marthas Vineyard with you)and make excessive use of the air condition.

  5. GWS says:

    If the lie doesn’t work, repeat it again and again, only louder.– BO’s advise, that made him rich.

  6. Gamecock says:

    ‘will address issues including energy transition and food security’

    Food is a local issue. When world government gets control of ‘food security,’ billions will die. COP27 is a Wannsee Conference, a discussion on how to commit mass murder.

    ‘”We strongly believe that we need all the political will and momentum and direction coming from heads of state to push the process forward, because it has become a very, very adversarial process,” Aboulmagd said.’

    People are refusing to die over climate change. So a new way to trick them must be found. Enter FOOD SECURITY. The next big thing to convince you that you should die. “It’s for the planet!”

    And ‘energy transition’ means turning down the wick on energy. Up to 85%. Billions will die.

    Wannsee Conference.

  7. Eli the Pit Bulldog says:

    So they are changing the name of Covid back to the flu this year😵

  8. kzvx says:

    Maybe that rise in CO2 is caused by all the private jets flying about for these conferences

  9. Peter Carroll says:

    These COP meetings are a classic example of Einstein’s definition of insanity.
    Doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result.
    The Rio Earth Summit was 30 years ago, 1992. All the meetings since then have achieved the same result. Absolutely NOTHING!
    This isn’t really surprising however, when you consider that they are talking about a non existent problem, climate change.
    Not one representative at this conference, (or any previous conference), will be able to show where, and or when, there has been a recorded change of climate, anywhere on the planet.

  10. Dave Fair says:

    Of the 90 heads of state, how many are from developing countries (including China and India) that will sign a treaty that destroys any hope of their continued development? There isn’t enough money in the entire Western World to bribe even the pettiest dictator of a medium-sized country to make any changes. Hell, the West can’t even come up with the $100 million per year bribe it promised to the Third World kleptocrats.

    The whole exercise is devoid of any social, scientific, economic and physical considerations. If this is the best the globe’s best and brightest can come up with, stop the world I want off.

    I’m hoping for a “Gore Effect” event: During the gabfest a huge and lasting Arctic blast into Europe, especially into Germany.

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