Adam Schiff Demands Action Against The First Amendment

1:03 PM · Dec 8, 2022

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5 Responses to Adam Schiff Demands Action Against The First Amendment

  1. conrad ziefle says:

    Using % is stupid, like Adam Ship, or maybe Rowboat. Up by 50 % from 20 instants to 30, out of 100 million twits a month. Free speech means anyone can say what they want other than threats, or inciting riots, for example Kamala Harris. It is not Adam Rowboat’s job to make sure all tweets are civil, nor is it the federal government’s job. Although I have no complaint with Musk setting civility standards. Then what do you call a slur? You can set the guidelines anywhere you want, but most people would probably not agree with Rowboat’s definition.

    • arn says:

      Schiffs claim is total BS anyway as the Twitter censorship was so Stasi
      that there were almost zero commentsallowed against specific protected groups,the vaccine,ivermectin,covid etc.

      So by turning to objective informations ,the number of tweets will increase – so there will be an increase in everything.
      It is also not so likely that slurs against black people will triple while the others are in a similar range.
      So how could this be?
      Either simple telling the truth(which seems now to be allowed ) about disproportional high criminality is called by Schiff and friends racist,
      or the people who are being treated in black communities like shit ( gays)
      are hitting back and are now exposing things and statistics,
      or ghetto speak is so common that most of these ‘slurs’ are made by back people as standard part of conversation and are now going uncensored.
      It is also very strange that Schiff all of a sudden knows what a women is and that he claims that 40% of Twitters users (women ) are getting a similar increase in slurs as small minorties which are traditionally much much higher targeted.
      This does not make real sense.
      As Schiff is way to superior to give us a point of reference for his %
      his numbers mean absolutely nothing and are like AOC’ s “in 12 years world will end.”

      Btw – I can guarantee that any highly frequented muslim forum with muslim standard censorship has a 100higher slurs:comment ratio( by western standards) against any of those groups(standard Arabic term for blacks is abdi which means Nigger/Slave so you can imagine how the tendency towards gays is)
      – and yet there is no Armageddon
      and there is Schiff to complain where it really matters,
      because he does not give a crap about any of these groups,
      because he is only interested to protect the information monopol which is necessary to push a Marxist agenda,AGW and MiC wars.

      • conrad ziefle says:

        I like your comment that, until recently, nothing that could even approach a “slur”, unless against Christians or whites, was allowed; not even a truthful statement. So now if even a few people post something truthful which reflects on protected people, then the % increase would go through the ceiling. Clearly, Rowboat has used this to make his claim.

  2. arn says:

    Thanks god people like Schiff invented hate speech so they can go after the first amendment,
    as they invented global warming to destroy,instrumentalize and politicize science.

    They also invented the term assault rifle to go after the 2nd amendment,
    just like they invented WMD ‘s in Iraq(of course this little Schiff was pro Iraq invasion),Scorched earth in Lybia,the horseshoe plan in Yugoslavia,the Tonkin Incident,genderism etc etc.

    Pulling things out of their butts that nowhere ever existed in human history to get rid of everything that is in the way of th

    And in this case it is interesting to know where Mr. pro Yemen genocide,Mr Fake Ukrainian Scandal,Mr Fake Russian collusion and Mr Impeachment
    who always uses fake data got this data from?

    Btw – considering twitters former rigid censorship and the lefts ability to define everything as racism and homophobe that does not result buttkissing and how common racial slurs among black people are
    and that Twitter now gets the Trump treatment
    an ‘increase’ was the only possible result just as warming is always the result in climate science.

    I also wonder where the numbers for Muslims are.I’m pretty sure it’s 3000% up.
    But that’s the problem with lies – there are so many things to remember.

  3. Russell Cook says:

    I could just imagine the conversation in Rep Schiff’s office:

    “… up by 77%.”
    “Naw, that sounds too high, nobody would believe that. How ’bout 68%?”
    “Well, now that you mention it. But 68% almost sounds too much like a round figure that somebody would just fabricate. What about 62%?”
    “Hmmm. No, even that seems to flat, like it might not be real. Shouldn’t be an even number. Hey – try 61%!
    “Like it! Sounds like serious footwork was done to uncover that amount, while it is still a big amount, too. Done! Who’s next? It should be a ways smaller, so as not to sound like everything’s off the chart. That could then be the even number without drawing too much attention to itself.”

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