Lies, Damned Lies And Arctic Graphs

“There are three kinds of lies : lies, damned lies and statistics”
– Benjamin Disraeli

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10 Responses to Lies, Damned Lies And Arctic Graphs

  1. Disillusioned says:


  2. GWS says:

    Totally agree! — But, now they will call ‘cyclical,’ hate-speech and conspiracy- theory, right-wind-extremism, and climate denialism. — They’re always right.

  3. Ganderson says:

    In conversation with a so called climate expert (BSU geology prof) the other day I got a “ yeah but…”; she claimed that because of climate change houses in Alaska are collapsing into the permafrost- any truth to this? One thought that occurred was that collapsing into the permafrost has always been an issue, but what I know about the subject could be written on my thumbnail. Anyone have any ammo for me next time I’m forced to talk with this woman?

    • arn says:

      I have no data and collapsing houses in permafrost territories are a problem.
      But it is a traditional one and has always been that way,and that’s why they usually don’t terrorize us with this nonsense despite the fact that this ‘problem’ has increased – as this is result of population increase and therefore more and bigger houses and traditional shift in climate where certain regions traditionally get warmer from time to time.

      AND this problem has been already solved on a much larger scale.

      The chinese had for decades problems to built roads and rails to occupied Tibet because of the melting during summer.
      The tracks were damaged,especially those alongside mountains.
      What they did was,iirc,they knocked long steelbeams into the ground alongside railroads – as it gets cold during night etc.
      That’s how the problem was solved.

      Several of those steelbeams around a house should do the job,
      AND if we use hollow beams that can be filled with liquid coolings during summerdays than this problem could be further minimized.

      • Peter Carroll says:

        Simple answer for the nutty professor, tell her to Google, “Houses built on permafrost”. It is a well known problem that has SFA to do with climate change.

    • Disillusioned says:

      What he said.


      Permanent frost was first used during the Little Ice Age. We know the earth has warmed since then. There is no documentation, which I am aware of, of the term being used during the period before that, the Medieval Warm Period. It may have been too warm for there to be much frozen, water-rich ground, at least near civilizations with language.

      The Climate history-changers have a problem. Their graphs now show the MWP was much cooler than today:

      A critical thinker asks, ‘How can there be and no-to-little ice when it is colder, and more ice when it is warmer?’ It is a non sequitur that climate history-changers cannot logically address. They would not have these kinds of counterevidence complications if they simply had left past temperature alone:

      Personally, I don’t recommend building on land with a high moisture content.

    • Hello Ganderson,
      My name is Robert W. Endlich, and I’m an email pen-pal with Tony Heller. We have a climate study group in Las Cruces, New Mexico, called the Cruces Atmospheric Sciences Forum, often CASF. The answers to your questions are in my Post, “An evening lecture with Alarmist Katharine Hayhoe.” My presentation graphics are on line at
      Slide 29 of these graphics shows a quote from Katharine Hayhoe, ““we see sinking villages in Alaska…Up in the Arctic we see what used to be permanently frozen ground, with houses tumbling into the sea…” This is probably just what your favorite Geology professor is saying.
      Speaking of Geology, Slide 30 shows some attributes of barrier islands.
      Now go to Slide 31 where I show the data. And at the bottom, this quote, “Comparing the index for the 60-year Pacific Decadal Oscillation and Temperature Trends from the University of Alaska, we find the PDO is the reason for the temperature changes, not “Global Warming.”
      Our web site contains the New Visitors tab, with over 20 infographics of topical subjects. The Class Info tab contains the graphics for the courses I taught at OLLI-UTEP and NMSU-A, “Weather, Climate, and Climate Change, What the Data Tell Us.”

    • Gary Hall says:

      You might wish to run this gif file by her – it’s animated. Hope it works:

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