Record Snowpack In Southern California

Snowpack in Southern California is at a record high for the date.


A few weeks ago the press said the burning of fossil fuels made the drought “20 times worse” with no relief in sight.

“Climate change made drought 20 times worse this year, and there’s no relief in sight”

Climate change made drought 20 times worse this year, and there’s no relief in sight – The Verge

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4 Responses to Record Snowpack In Southern California

  1. ” The same month southern China officially entered its longest drought in 60 years of record keeping ” …….The most devastating drought afflicting China in the last 200 years of ‘record keeping ” was the 1876 – 78 event and the early 20’s and 30s droughts were considerably worse as well

  2. arn says:

    “20* worse ”

    What does this even mean?
    What’s the basic parameter and reference point?
    And 20* more likely is a total crappy claim,
    as almost all regions will suffer some kind of drought in 20 years
    which would mean drought every year,
    which means a massive decrease in crop yields,
    which means mass starvation
    and half of earth population gone by now.

    And there would no need for them to sabotage food supply .

  3. Florida says:

    The best part of The Gore Effect is it no longer needs Al Gore.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    Somewhere, in comments at this website, I think, someone said their local area recorded the lowest temperature since 1846 (?).
    1846, within the era of the Little Ice Age-Baby!! I’m proving to be better than Mann and I use fossilized dead chicken bones-very environmentally friendly.
    Mann needs to up his game if he wants to keep up.

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