Drought To Last Until 2030

National Geographic and academia engaged in their usual false prophecies, junk science and ongoing efforts to misinform the public.

“A new study in Nature Climate Change shows that Earth’s warming climate has made the western drought about 40 percent more severe, making it the region’s driest stretch since A.D. 800. And there’s a very strong chance the drought will continue through 2030.”

The drought in the western U.S. could last until 2030

Yosemite snow totals smash 54-year-old record

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12 Responses to Drought To Last Until 2030

  1. Gamecock says:

    ‘has made the western drought about 40 percent more severe’

    It’s drier than dry?

  2. Marooned says:

    We’ll be drowning in drought soon.

  3. arn says:

    Finally some internal logic in the realm of AGW.

    As the world will end by 2030
    the drought must too.

  4. rah says:

    And the thing is, if the weather models are correct, the wetter than average conditions are going to continue for some time.

    I have come to believe there is a Hayhoe/Dessler effect on droughts. Similar to the Gore effect on winter weather.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    Whenever the Ministers of the Truth predict anything, I begin to look for the polar opposite to occur. They have terrible prediction track records. Some of them seem to have a knack at getting their predictions published around the end of a cycle. It’s uncanny.

    If they understood cycles science, instead of worshiping at the alter of runaway-greenhouse-effect-voodoo-science (which fails them each and every freaking time), they wouldn’t look like such fools. Incessantly blaming “Climate Change” and then making predictions which are bound to fail isn’t a good long game.

  6. Heretic Jones says:

    Meanwhile, there’s record snowpack in CA and most other watersheds are at or above 100%.


  7. conrad ziefle says:

    When you write, even when they write, “most”, “Greatest”, “least”, “shortest”,”longest” —SINCE 50 years ago, 70 years ago, 100 years ago— DOES ANYONE pay attention??? SINCE, since, since decades ago.. It’s happening again. There is no rocket out of control headed ever upward.
    The fact that journalists are allowed to, are encouraged to, write the same baseless reiterations about human caused climate change shows that we have no need for journalists, because they are not researching, learning, and writing anything new. Its repetitive content shows that there are no journalists, only propagandists.
    Basically, people are intellectually lazy, journalists aside, they are just plain intellectually deficit. People are too busy (mentally fat) to think. Everything they know comes from “hot tips”. Just like hot tips about stocks, they trust in hot tips about vaccines (new and never tested on humans-long range affects unknown), climate change ( data altered like a shizter investment manager), history devoid of context, etc. all hot tips that they are too busy (mentally obese) to investigate and analyze for themselves.

  8. conrad ziefle says:

    Well the good news is that it happened 70 years ago, therefore likely is not a trend. If we have 3 winters like this, we may be in big trouble. In that case, it would seem that Michael Mann’s understanding of climate was wrong by 180 degrees. The Ice Age ignored his miniscule amounts of CO2, and his authoritative dictates.

  9. Greg in NZ says:

    Señor Z, here in the outskirts of civilisation, we refer to them as ‘churnalists’ as they churn out press releases and pre-prepared statements by higher authorities. I can flick between half-a-dozen radio stations and their reportage is WORD FOR WORD the same proclamation from their masters, ie. 180-degrees bass-ackward nonsense drivel. Yet too many folk take it at face value while I’m considered a c……… theorist – which I take as a compliment as within a year or two, or even a couple of weeks, it comes to pass.

    The majick mind-kontrol phrase at the moment is ‘Cyclone Gabrielle’, and has been in operation since the Valentine’s Day Storm flooded vast regions of the North Island of NZ. The ex-tropical cyclone was downgraded to a ‘low’ 48 hours before arriving, yet authorities & media keep repeating the non-scientific canard as it aids their promotion of the Triple-B slogan: 6uild 6ack 6etter™.

    2023, the Year Without A Summer is, we are constantly told, caused by “a warming world”, yet real-world observations show the complete opposite, and hey, MORE snow is on the way, yet we’re still in summer season. Just be-LIE-ve…

  10. K Petersen says:

    The media loves to use the word “unprecedented ” in weather headlines. I even saw one weather article today that said “nearly unprecedented” whatever that means. It takes only a few minutes of research to find the last time the unprecedented event occurred, and the last event is usually within the past 50 years.

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