The End Of Twitter

Twitter has been operating much better since the New York Times announced its demise on November 18.

“Twitter is still operating, but it may become harder for the company to fix serious issues when they come up, former employees said. One former Twitter engineer likened the service’s current state to Wile E. Coyote, the Looney Tunes cartoon character, as he runs off the edge of a cliff. Though he may still be running in midair for some time, once he looks down, he drops like a stone.”

Elon Musk’s Twitter Teeters on the Edge After Another 1,200 Leave – The New York Times

“Elon Musk has regained his spot as the world’s richest person, after briefly losing the title to France’s Bernard Arnault. Musk’s wealth has been buoyed by a nearly 70% surge in Tesla Inc.’s stock price this year.”

Elon Musk Is World’s Richest Person Again After 100% Tesla Stock Surge – Bloomberg

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