Lindsey Graham Wants To Shoot Down Russian Planes

Lindsey Graham says the US should shoot down Russian planes, and says that is what Ronald Reagan would have done.

Forty years ago Reagan withdrew US troops from Lebanon after 241 marines were killed by bombs during the Lebanese Civil War.

Beirut Barracks Memorial

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9 Responses to Lindsey Graham Wants To Shoot Down Russian Planes

  1. arn says:

    One should think that even neocons would shut up and call it even after they bombed north stream and losing only a drone in return.
    A drone that was 5000 miles away from home but less than 40 miles away from Russias naval base – I wonder what it was doing there?Hiking the world?
    Wasting tax payers money?
    Considering how the USA reacted to a chinese balloon and that they even shot the one down in Canada (seems both countries are run by the same entities and borders only exist on paper)
    one should thing that US politicians know that spying from above is a 100% no go.
    Or was Graham so overwhelmed of the results of shooting down the Malaysian airplane by proxy over Ukraine and getting away with it (the crash site was then constantly bombed by Ukraine,especially when the investigators tried to visit the place)
    that shooting down airplanes is now a standard option?

    And I guess if the Russians would have blown up a US pipeline (before Biden shuts it down anyway) Graham would be crying for a nuclear option(and germans would be way more upset about this pipeline and cry for retaliation than they are about their own right now ).

    And why the hell is a republican politician crying for military interventions why knowing very well that the ruling party always benefits from such actions in terms of popularity.
    Especially one with a president who is so weak that he can barely walk upstairs.
    Why has Graham started the 2024 election campaign for the democrats?

  2. GWS says:

    Lunacy is no respecter of race, gender, or political affiliation.

  3. spren says:

    Miss Lindsey should suit up, put her boots on, and personally go to the front and fight the Ruskies.

    • spren says:

      Why do my comments always remain in moderation for so long. Many other comments written later than mine are already appearing. This seems to be a regular occurrence.

  4. conrad ziefle says:

    Send a negotiator instead. That’s what Trump would have done- BEFORE- all of this craziness.

    • PRESIDENT Trump would not have had to worry about Putin cuz Putin KNEW Trump would take HIM out.
      HINT … Carry a big damn stick and Walk like You will used it!

      • More importantly, Trump would have negotiated the Minsk accord in good faith. Putin has confidence in his integrity. The war in Ukraine will not end unless the West can put forward a negotiator who isn’t a weasel. For all his other failings Trump is not a liar, like the rest of them. Duff gen is disastrous in business and in military matters, but mendacity seems to be a pre-requisite for politics, to the extent that I really believe many of them live in a world of delusion, because the lies have been repeated so often.

  5. rah says:

    He didn’t withdraw all troops. He withdrew the Marines from the Airport. I was there Jan through April of 84 as part of a two A team and B team SF MTT (Mobile Training team). There was the same at another location. And then there was a significant Marine contingent providing security for the Joint US/British Embassy by the American University.

    Those MTT missions went on for a couple years after my team departed.

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