Louisville, Colorado To Ban Gas Stations

Louisville, Colorado is planning on banning new gas stations in order to save their children from global warming.

A Colorado city is looking to restrict new gas stations. Here’s why

I used to commute by bicycle from Boulder to Louisville, and saw maybe a half dozen other people who did. Most of the other 20,000 residents travel by automobile. If you pass by any of the schools in Louisville in the morning or afternoon, you see parents lined up in their vehicles to drop off and pick up their children.

Six years ago I watched a nest of Cooper’s Hawk’s chicks hatch and grow up along the bike trail in Louisville.

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12 Responses to Louisville, Colorado To Ban Gas Stations

  1. dm says:

    UTTER nonsense: Limiting the number of gas stations in Louisville advances sustainability & protects against climate change.

    Drivers will buy all the gas wanted from stations permitted by Louisville + stations in surrounding towns.
    Limiting the # might lengthen queues of idling vehicles waiting to use gas pumps. That will INCREASE emissions.

    Beam me out of CO, Scotty. Rationale thought has been abandoned here;-(

    • Disillusioned says:

      Limiting the # might lengthen queues of idling vehicles waiting to use gas pumps. That will INCREASE emissions.

      BOOM! But, it doesn’t have to be logical. The Agenda is all about tightening control.

  2. GeologyJim says:

    We escaped Boulder in 2016 (take the money and run!) and moved to Louisville, which had a business-supportive Council at the time.

    Then the “sustainability clowns” got elected and propelled the Marxist March of incremental anti-human policies and regulations. Their reactions to the commune-triggered wildfire exposed their heartless devotion to “saving the planet” instead of serving the damaged constituents who had lost everything. Flat out evil

    Fortunately I was gone by then to Fort Collins and a new start outside dysfunctional Boulder County

    But the battle continues against the Red Tide of Stupid – always cloaked as “ for the sake of the children “

    Lord help us all!

    • arn says:

      Have you ever met Tony in Boulder?

      • GeologyJim says:

        Yep – and shared a pint or two

        Also met up at a public “climate confab” at UColorado and watched Judith Curry deftly dissect the local NCAR annoyance KTrenberth.

        Haven’t heard a peep from KT of late – maybe went back to Kiwi-land and couldn’t escape Jacinda – Wocky. They deserve each other – and side-by-side seats in Dante’s Circle 9, reserved for deceivers!

  3. czechlist says:

    I never adhered to the saying “those who can do, those who can’t teach” but in the political world it does appear that changing can to think and teach to govern is a reasonable belief.

  4. GWS says:

    “Commit to sustainability!” is the new rallying cry of the leftist woke. They might as well “Commit to Human Flight!’ by requiring everyone to flap their arms harder and harder. — We can combat this crisis if only we flap our arms harder! Are you an anti-flapper?! Flap, don’t drive!

  5. arn says:

    You can abort our children until the 9th month.
    You can sexualize our children in Kindergarten.
    You can destroy their natural physical development with hormones forever.
    You can mutilate and cripple their bodies on the altar of our transgod.
    You can contaminate their bodies with hundreds of vaccines and their brains with perv ideologies.
    But we must protect them from climate.

    Imagine what would happen to children who would have to grow in a 2degrees warmer Colorado.
    It would still be colder than in Miami,but for some reason such a climate in Colorado is dangerous while that in Miami isn’t.
    For some reason a warmer climate is always negative no matter how the temperatures are.
    How convinient for globalist fearmongerers.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Interestingly the Germans are starting to backflip on banning ICE cars. Today:

    EU Already Caving On Their 2035 Combustion Engine Ban, Considering Allowing E-Fuel Vehicles (22 Mar)

    E-fuels are synthetically made fuels that can be made using hydrogen in conjunction with captured carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide.

    Basically combining hydrogen with CO2 gets you methanol, which is a pretty good liquid fuel. ICE vehicles would only need minor changes to accommodate it, and centralized synthesis of methanol would fit neatly with the current network of gas stations.

    The Germans are slowly coming to the understanding that banning of ICE cars by 2035 will result in complete devastation of their car industry.

    I don’t think it is necessary to use e-fuel since AGW is barely occurring. But nuclear powered methanol synthesis would be much more sensible and economic than all the brain farts the climate crazies are advocating (ie. EVs and etc).

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    (And while I’m here my latest kookaburra chick, who graduated from my nestbox around Christmas has now learned to fly several metres to land on my hand. She’s a late hatching as the family had a failed nesting attempt in a tree up the road, but then went to the nestbox as a fallback option. The kooka family live in the wild, they go where they want, but they know me well. This one’s granny is about 15 years old and had two chicks herself this year, in a territory a km to the north. She still comes down to see me from time to time.)

  8. kzvx says:

    The clever Welsh have banned the building of ANY new major roads: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-64640215
    Anyone who has the misfortune of knowing what a nightmare it is to drive through South Wales must be aghast

  9. Roaddog says:

    Sidewalks are the new public transit.

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