Michael Crichton Explains The Hockey Stick

Michael Mann’s hockey stick graph is at the core of the global warming scam. Eighteen years ago Michael Crichton explained what was wrong with it.

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4 Responses to Michael Crichton Explains The Hockey Stick

  1. There’s nothing like WEF money to ensure the ‘science’ will always support the climate catastrophe hoax. Cross checking is actively discouraged by censorship and vilification of studies that risk proving it to be false. The climate catastrophe has the same scientific status as the racial purity beliefs of the Nazis, and is upheld using similar methods.

  2. arn says:

    “numerous,grave and astonishing errors in Mann’s work ”
    “ALL 28 tree ring studies had calculation errors ”

    This is proof for
    a)Mann is no scientist

    b)Mann knew he would get away with it and that any exposure would be buried by MSM,politics and academia

    c) the IPCC has only be waiting for this hockeystick to be astroturfed into reality and abuse the hell out of it and that ignoring all the deliberate misstakes was part of the plan

  3. GWS says:

    I can’t believe how long Mann’s stick has gone on unquestioned, but I can believe how the woke have eagerly swallowed it whole.

  4. spren says:

    The two Canadian Macs thoroughly debunked and discredited Mann’s fraudulent work. But truth doesn’t matter to those of Thunberg’s ilk for who this is really a religion.

    Just the use of switching the data sets from tree ring proxies to instrumental temperature data should’ve been sufficient to completely discredit the study. When the tree ring proxies stopped showing increasing warmth in the 1980s, Mann unscientifically truncated their data series and replace them with instrumental readings which then indicated the dramatic warming. This was described by these frauds themselves in the 2009 Climategate emails as “Mike’s Nature Trick” or “hiding the decline. Mann did have to issue a corrigendum in Nature responding to some of his incredibly significant errors, but nothing has ever really come of it to completely display that he is a fake. Penn State should be ashamed to have recruited him from the University of Virginia where he was when he produced this shameful work.

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