March 16, 1942 Tornado Outbreak

On March 16, 1942 tornadoes killed close to one hundred people in Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee.

18 Mar 1942, Page 24 – The Courier-Journal at

17 Mar 1942, Page 1 – The Greenwood Commonwealth at

17 Mar 1942, 3 – The Jackson Sun at

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4 Responses to March 16, 1942 Tornado Outbreak

  1. GWS says:

    It’s a dangerous world, full of trouble and deceit. Enjoy God’s sunny days while you can.

  2. An Inquirer says:

    “Nine White People Die”
    Hard to imagine that such a focus or terminology was actually used eighty years ago!

  3. Bob G says:

    I live in Minnesota and we’ve been very lucky the past 50 years with almost no deaths from tornadoes. check the link and you’ll see that’s not the case pre-1970 there were years with dozens of deaths. the 1965 tornado hit a suburb of Minneapolis called fridley and my dad was a part owner of a rental house that got destroyed. as a little kid I viewed the damage, the whole neighborhood was wiped out.

  4. Muhlenberg and Grayson are just +- 30 miles North and West of me.

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