Rapidly Shifting Scam

The press seems to be abandoning their California drought scam, and are now pushing the idea that global warming is going to make California flood.

““In a warmer climate, you might get more rain-on-snow at those higher elevations,” said hydrologist Keith Musselman, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research. “And that can cause rivers to rise and react in ways that we haven’t seen historically.”

California’s snowpack could be at risk from rain-on-snow. Here’s why

California’s worst flood occurred during January 1862, when warm rain melted all the snow in the mountains.

“One hundred and sixty years ago, the biggest flood in modern history wiped out California: 4,000 dead, one-third of all property destroyed, a quarter of the state’s 800,000 cattle drowned or starved. California went so utterly bankrupt that its governor, Legislature and state employees didn’t draw a paycheck for 18 months. The newly installed telegraph system fizzled, just the tops of its poles visible under feet of water, and roads were impassable. Eggs cost $3 a dozen (that’s $79 adjusted for inflation, if you thought today’s supply chain issues were bad).

The catastrophe began with a snowstorm in the Sierra. In early December 1861, upwards of 15 feet of snow fell in California’s eastern mountains. What followed, modern National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researchers believe, was a series of atmospheric rivers. For 40 days, they kept coming, bringing warm rain and high winds. All of the fresh Sierra snow melted, turning frozen creeks into raging rivers as the water poured downstream.

The deadly 1862 flood that wiped out and reshaped California

Ahead of the 1960 Winter Olympics, rain washed away all the snow at Squaw Valley

09 Feb 1960, Page 1 – The Berkshire Eagle at Newspapers.com

This year California is experiencing record cold and snow.

Webcams | Palisades Tahoe

Operations Update: Resort Closed Tuesday After 3+ Feet of Snow in 24 Hours – Palisades Tahoe at Lake Tahoe

“Officially the snowiest Oct-Feb period since 1970 as recorded by the Central Sierra Snow Lab near Donner Summit, and likely the highest since 1952. It’s also the coldest winter recorded so far for Tahoe City since 1952”

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