“The Greatest Threat To America”

President Trump explains which group of people are the greatest threat to America.

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10 Responses to “The Greatest Threat To America”

  1. Younger Dryas says:

    Listen well! Donald Trump is telling you as it is!

  2. Luigi says:

    Well I must say that on the other side a country in which the “president” is self-nominated lifelong cannot be a reliable partner.
    Putin simply used all rhetoric about Russians living in Donbas and alleged Ukrainian Nazis to invade Ukraine. Despite all the limits and the lies and the crimes committed by our governments (for instance concerning the pandemic) I do not see any partnership with Russia possible a.t.m.
    Russians are not in a better position than we are in respect to democracy.

    • arn says:

      WTF is wrong with your brain,Mario?
      I don’t mind if you don’t know about the shelling of Donbass which killed 15000 people during the last 9 years,or that you didn’t heard of the 2000% increase of the shelling after Ukraine sent further 10s of thousands of soldiers to the south east to pave the way for them – and Putin reacted to that and was just faster.

      I don’t even mind if you are a fan of Nazis or not.
      But using the term “ALLEGED Nazis ” despite all the existing evidence is absolutely shameless rhetoric climate style.
      This is not Alleged as Nazi history is literally all history Ukraine(the country ,not the term) has,
      and the reason Ukraine exists is in no way better as it is result of communism.

      The country Ukraine hasn’t realily existed before 1917(kraina,just as in Serbia means simply borderterritory of these countries) and it did so because the communists in Russia needed a backup if they fail to consolidate power to avoid starting from 0 as happened in 1905.To use it as friendly proxy startramp to start revolution 3 if necessary.
      After they consolidated power a backup was no longer needed and Ukraine was absorbed and became part of the USSR – end for Ukraine but start of suffering for Ukrainian people,
      as Stalin sold all the food of this region(Just like the English did to the Irish when they created the great famine.They did this also in India – so nothing personal )
      and the Holodomor killed millions of people,and that drove these people mad –
      and the only alternative at that time were the Nazis.
      Nazis have absolutely nothing in common with slavic traditions but as Ukraine had little own identity to begin with they filled this void with this ideology from Germany which was as artificial as communism .
      The greatest Ukrainian Hero is the Nazi Bandera – a Ukrainian guy who was way worse than any of those Nazis from Germany who entered this region.

      And nowadays Ukrainian Nazis do not only use Nazi Symbols and have Nazi tattos – their fighting units have German names.
      The Jager Brigade (Jager is the german word for Hunter,not Biden)
      The Kraken – obvious
      Edelweiss mountain brigade
      They are named after Nazi Brigades.

      This has nothing to do with alleged.
      They are Nazis.Not all,but a significant minority
      and almost all their best fighters belong to them.
      The fact that these Nazis were created / revived by the CiA,NED and sponsored by Kolomoyski,Gershman and Nuland doesn’t change a the fact that they identify/are Nazis.

  3. Disillusioned says:

    Bingo! I am glad he said it. Now, if he would only resist the temptation of filling his cabinet all those insider globalist neocons and ‘deep stater’ pawns he just railed about. And then, there is VP choice. That last one was a sleeper deep stater who turned on him in the end. Even Reagan had a deep state VP.

  4. GWS says:

    I hope he wins, he will do great things for America, but it will be a wild four years. The left hates him for revealing who they are and for opposing their aims. The dishonesty and violence that awaits us from the left, if he wins, will be even greater than before. The left will make it clear to everyone in the world who is America’s greatest enemy. But, sooner or later this enemy has to be faced and generations of indoctrinated young people will guarantee it will go on and on till our last city is destroyed, if we don’t begin turning it around sooner rather than later. Just waiting for the woke to die off will be suicide.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    It is not only fascinating, but disturbing that the Left today are the most bigoted, judgmental people, obsessed with race, rallying around globalist warmongers and supportive of the MIC, of multinational corporations and pharmaceutical companies. They are so trusting of the very entities they were vehemently against in the 60s and 70s. And they support one-sided censorship of speech. They’ve done a 180 and they seem to have no idea. The disturbing part is, it shows how easy it is to manipulate sheep.

    • arn says:

      The really disturbing thing is
      that those bastards still pretend that they are anti war ,anti big corp etc.

      The guys 30 – 40 years ago were authentic and consequent
      – when they said we oppose X,Y and Z then they really did.
      They were reliable and felt guilty when they acted otherwise
      while nowadays the lefties are the biggest asslickers of big tech,MSM and the war machine and they folloq follow every new politically correct trend and war like dogs while pretending to oppose these very same institutions.(wokeism in a nutshell).

      And the moderate,non woke lefties(and the many old ones who once had integrity) are not better.
      They still may have integrity a values on an individual level,
      but no matter wether we talk about war,9th month abortion or trans surgeries on children or any other new perversion and loonacy- these cowards won’t say a word.
      And even when they are being totally betrayed,
      as happened with Bernie Sanders who had all the keys in his hands to transform the democrat party in 2016 the same way Trump did with the republicans
      and sold himself out – they still keep kissing his ass.

  6. spren says:

    I hope Trump learns to control himself and stay focused on the issues that Americans care about and about the things he can and intends to do to restore his agenda. I hope he stops with the unforced errors of self-inflicted wounds by attacking DeSantis. Supporters like me and I’m sure many others are tiring of his counterproductive attacks on fellow Republicans. We should be directing all of our ire and fire at the anti-American party of Democrats.

  7. Disillusioned says:

    Since he is running, and is so popular, it appears the Left and their Cabal puppet masters are planning to make it really rough on President Trump. Last night he said expects he will be arrested this week because of charges stemming from an alleged hush money payment made to a porn star before the 2016 election.

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