Earth’s Expiration Date

The global warming scam is now in its third century.

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  1. Fredrik says:

    Notice that there are two Ångström. Anders Ångström is the father to Knut Ångström. Both become professors at Uppsala University in Sweden. Anders is the professor behind the famous measure Å. It was Knut who showed that Svante Arrhenius, who did get a Nobel price, was completely wrong in his calculations of CO2 and the earth’s temperature.

  2. John Henderson says:

    Earth’s expiration date. Finally! Wonderful. Your Earths expiration date video Saturday March 18, 2023 was posted on youtube but Sunday 19th it is not available from my cell phone from youtube. My understanding is that the earths internal heat reaching the earth’s surface plus all the solar heat reaching the earth surface is exactly equal to the earth’s heat radiated out into deep space EVERY 24 hours. Otherwise every night would be hotter than the previous night. Heat would quickly exceed the “boiling oceans” scenario. If the day time atmosphere was OPAQUE like the effect of an 100% “green house gas” then the entire atmospheric temperature would increase to over 212F in less than 12 minutes!

  3. John Henderson says:

    Correction: 100% energy from the sun would take 20 minutes to raise an atmosphere column temperature 1 degree centigrade. 2 small calories per square centimeter. 45 hours to reach 212F.

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